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Meeting Review, January 26, 2010

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1/26/10 Meeting Highlights
by Bob Zurek

ImmersAV Technology™ Creating an Immersive Audio Visual Experience for Consumer and Professional Entertainment, Informational and Educational Applications.

By: Bob Schulein


On January 26, 2010 48 members of the AES Chicago Section met at Shure Incorporated’s corporate headquarters to hear Bob Schulein talk about ImmersAV Technology™.


Mr. Schulein began his talk on the synergy between sight and sound. He discussed how over the years the audio and video industries have done a good job improving things like tonal balance and dynamic range, but have done a relatively poor job on spatial reality. Bob’s goal for ImmersAV Technology™ is to bring an immersive audio video experience to the consumer in a practical way, and pointed out that this is still a work in progress.

Bob spoke of his desire to allow the user to be immersed in an AV experience. He feels that this is more realizable in the new era of personal entertainment. ImmersAV Technology™ is a process for creating personal entertainment using the tools of binaural audio and HD video. He has spent a lot of time over the last few years experimenting with various methods an apparatus to accomplish this task. After trying various video mounting systems he cam up with a mount that allows him to get right into the content being produced, and view it from either the performer’s or audience’s perspective.


Mr. Schulein pointed out that synergy involved in bringing more senses into the playback process makes the material much more realistic. Bob demonstrated this through prerecorded material that he has made available on the web, including recordings of Svetlana Belsky from the December 2009 Section meeting by Steinway. After auditioning the prerecorded material for the entire audience on the wireless system that Shure provided for the meeting, he continued by making a live recording of the Fifth House Ensemble allowing the audience to listen to the live performance followed by the recorded performance from multiple perspectives.  


A question an answer session followed to conclude the meeting.