Audio Builders Workshop

ABW is a Working Group of the Boston AES

ABW offers group-builds and seminars for anyone interested in designing or building products for music production and audio engineering. Our members are entrepreneurs, educators, and music professionals who build gear.  Audio Builders Workshop is a workgroup of The Boston Audio Engineering Society a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

For More Info:

  • The best way to comunicate with ABW is on the ABW Facebook Group. 
  • For video content follow us on YouTube.
  • For information on our latest events follow the Boston AES and ABW on Eventbrite.    

Lesson Plans for you local AES chapter or classroom.

The lesson plans and slides are offered as a supplement to the talk presented at AES New York 2019 Audio Builders Workshop Session:  DOWNLOAD

Classroom DIY Projects: Classroom-ready DIY projects that your students can successfully and affordably build. Below you will find the supplementary material to the ABW track panel on Classroom DIY Projects at the 2019 Audio Engineering Society’s 147th convention. The panelists describe successful builds that they have used in their own classrooms as well as strategies for curriculum design and execution.

  • Paul Lehrman – Electronic Music Instrument Design
  • Robert – Eric Gaskell – BabyPre Preamplifier kit
  • Charlie De Vane – Automatically Generating VST Plugins from MATLAB Code
  • Chris Kincaid – 5 Easy DIY Projects For Your Classroom


ABW Metronome Kit

This PCB is a basic kit for a metronome that includes a line out option. All of the design files are provided so you can modify them as needed.

The build directions are aimed at people that have never soldered before, and ABW has had great success with this kit as a first time project.  As with all of these kits, we would love for you to copy this for your local activities.

Buy Kit:

If you would like to generate your own PCBs and source your own parts you can find all the info you need at ClockWorks. 

ABW Committee

  • Owen Curtin
  • Chris Kinkaid
  • Brewster LaMacchia
  • Dereck Blackburn
  • Jason Bitner





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