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Journal of the AES - January/February 2021, Vol 69 Issue 1/2

This issue includes:
Paper: Multichannel 3D Microphone Arrays: A Review
Paper: The Evolution and Design of Flat-Panel Loudspeakers for Audio Reproduction
Paper: Manifold Learning Methods for Visualization and Browsing of Drum Machine Samples
Paper: Movie Sound, Part 1: Perceptual Differences of Six Listening Environments
Paper: Movie Sound, Part 2: Preference and Attribute Ratings of Six Listening Environments
Paper: Intermodulation Distortion Analysis of a Guitar Distortion Pedal With a Starving Circuit
Paper: Assessing Spherical Harmonics Interpolation of Time-Aligned Head-Related Transfer Functions
Feature: Are you there? Presence and practice in immersive audio
Feature: 149TH CONVENTION AES Show Fall 2020 Convention Report
Feature: 149th Exhibitors and Sponsors
Feature: AES Officers 2021
Feature: Standards and Information Documents, Section News, Book Review, New Products, AES Conventions and Conferences.

Posted on February 20, 2021 at 5:00:00 PM EST

Journal of the AES - December 2020, Vol 68 Issue 12

This issue includes: Paper: Comparison of 3D Audio Reproduction Methods Using Hearing Devices Paper: Psychophysiological Responses of Young People to Soundscapes in Actual Rural and City Environments Paper: Gapped and Un-gapped Filter Inductor Designs for a 500 WRMS Class-D Audio Amplifier Paper: Exploiting Deep Neural Networks for Two-to-Five Channel Surround Decoder Paper: An Approach for the Optimization of 3D Loudspeaker Horns Paper: Optimizations of the Spatial Decomposition Method for Binaural Reproduction Engineering Report: A Multi-channel Anechoic Orchestra Recording of Beethoven's Symphony No. 8 op. 93 Feature: Broadcasting From Home: Pandemic and Beyond Feature: Call for Nominations Feature: Index Feature: Bylaws Standards and Information Documents, Section News, Book Review, New Products, Financial Position, AES Conventions and Conferences.

Posted on January 12, 2021 at 5:00:00 PM EST

Journal of the AES - November 2020, Vol 68 Issue 11

This issue includes: Paper: A Compact Spherical Loudspeaker Array for Efficiently Recreating Instrument Directivities Paper: Loudness Differences for Voice-Over-Voice Audio in TV and Streaming Paper: Investigation Into Consistency of Subjective and Objective Perceptual Selection of Non-individual Head-Related Transfer Functions Paper: Pressure Matching With Forced Filters for Personal Sound Zones Application Paper: Acoustic Scene Classification Using Pixel-Based Attention Engineering Report: Design and Evaluation of a Spectral Phase Rotation Algorithm for Upmixing to 3D Audio Engineering Report: Quasar Spectroscopy Sound: Analyzing Intergalactic and Circumgalactic Media via Data Sonification Feature: Loudspeaker Technology for the 21st Century Standards and Information Documents Section News, Obituaries, New Products, AES Conventions and Conferences.

Posted on December 21, 2020 at 5:00:00 PM EST

Journal of the AES - October 2020, Vol 68 Issue 10

This issue includes:
Letter from the editor
Letter from the guest editor
Paper: Using Faust DSL to Develop Custom, Sample Accurate DSP Code and Audio Plugins for the Web Browser
Paper: A Web-Based Framework for Distributed Music System Research and Creation
Paper: Learning to Code Through Web Audio: A Team-Based Learning Approach
Paper: iMuSciCA Workbench: Web-based Music Activities For Science Education
Paper: od: Composing Spatial Multimedia for the Web
Paper: A Signal Engine for a Live Coding Language Ecosystem
Feature: Telling the difference: Preference and prediction
Standards and Information Documents
AVAR 2020 International Conference Report
Review of Society's Sustaining Members
Section News, New Products, etc.

Posted on November 30, 2020 at 5:00:00 PM EST

Journal of the AES - September 2020, Vol 68 Issue 9

This issue includes:
Paper: Wavelet-Based Spatial Audio Format
Paper: Effect of Skill Level on Listener Performance in 3D Audio Evaluation
Paper: Comparison of Pairwise Dissimilarity and Projective Mapping Tasks With Auditory Stimuli
Paper: A Method for Spatial Upsampling of Voice Directivity by Directional Equalization
Paper: Generating Continuous Deterministic Band-Limited Test Signals With Nearly Laplace Distribution
Feature: Engineering XR
Standards and Information Documents
AES Standards Committee News
Section News, Obituaries, etc.

Posted on September 30, 2020 at 5:00:00 PM EDT

Journal of the AES - July/August 2020, Vol 68 Issue 7/8

This issue includes:
Paper: Wiener-Based Spatial B-Format Equalization
Paper: Acoustic Transparency in Hearables—Perceptual Sound Quality Evaluations
Paper: Acoustic Transparency in Hearables—Technical Evaluation
Paper: The Influence of Vision on Perceived Differences Between Sound Spaces
Paper: Active Sound Design Development Based on the Harmonics of Main Order From Engine Sound
Paper: CreatingAudioProductsWithMaximumEnd-UserValue
Engineering Report: Evaluating Electrolytic Capacitors Specified for Audio Use: A Comparative Analysis of Electrical Measure- ments and Capacitor Distortion Products in Line Level Interstage Coupling Applications
Feature: 360 Audio: Life at the cutting edge
Standards and Information Documents
AES Standards Committee News
Section News, New Products, etc.

Posted on September 1, 2020 at 5:00:00 PM EDT

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