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AES 103rd Convention
Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
New York, New York, USA
September 26-29, 1997

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L. N. Babkina, R. V. Dombrovsky
The Model of the Adaptive Filtering in the Peripheral Part of the and A. P. Molchanov Hearing System and Its Implementation

M. Pflueger, R. Hoeldrich, Systemand W. Riedler
A Nonlinear Model of the Peripheral Auditory

F. Baumgarte
A Physiological Ear Model for Auditory Masking Applicable to Perceptual Coding

T. Sporer
Objective Audio Signal Evaluation-Applied Psychoacoustics for Modeling the Perceived Quality of Digital Audio

G. Hali
Recording Baroque Organs in Big Churches

A. Morita, M. Iwaki, and S. Chiba
Development of "Ice-Zone Microphone" for Skating Sound Pick-Up

M. Roberts and R. Schulein
Measurement and Intelligibility Optimization of Directional Microphones for Use in Hearing-Aid Devices

J. Hebrock, K. Statham, and C. Kraft
Psychoacoustic Effects of Ringing in Microphones

B. Bartlett
Loudness Compensation by Microphone Frequency Response and Microphone Placement

S. Harris, X.-M. Gong, Standardand D. Josephson
Towards a Digitally Interfaced Microphone

J. Herre and J. D. Johnston
Exploiting Both Time and Frequency Structure in a System That Uses an Analysis/Synthesis Filterbank with High-Frequency Resolution

S.-H. Park, Y.-B. Kim, S.-W. Kim, and Y.-S. Seo
Multi-Layer Bit-Sliced Bit-Rate Scalable Audio Coding

L. Yin, M. Suonio, and M. Vaananen
A New Backward Predictor for MPEG Audio Coding

E. Shoval and M. Feder
Audio Compression Using Entropy-Coded Dithered Quantization

J. Vanderkooy
Loudspeaker Ports

T. Heed
Effects of B1-product Nonlinearities on Dynamic Resonance and QT

T. Katayama and M. Serikawa
Reduction of Second-Order Non-Linear Distortion of a Horn Loudspeaker by a Volterra Filter�Real-Time Implementation

N. Harris and M. O. Hawksford
The Distributed-Mode Loudspeaker (DML) as a Broad-Band Acoustic Radiator

M. Tashiro, G. Bank, and M. Roberts
A New Flat Panel Loudspeaker for Portable Multimedia

A. Morita, M. Iwaki, S. Chiba, and E. Miyasaka
Development of Thin Loudspeakers Suitable for HDTV Receivers with Large PDP Flat Display

R. Schreier
Mismatch-Shaping Digital-to-Analog Conversion

S. Harris, S. Green, and K. Leung
Techniques to Measure and Maximize the Performance of a 120-dB, 24-Bit, 96-kHz A/D Converter Integrated Circuit

H. Schoepp, S. Gierl, H. Hetzel, and D. J. Knapp
SAHARA-A Flexible, Multiprocessor, Mixed-Signal System on a Chip

K. Lin, J. Nohrden, J. Welser, J. Mayer, J. Rhode, T. Sculley, E. Gaalaass, and J. McElwee
A DSP with Integrated CODEC for Home Entertainment and Car Audio Applications

R. A. Wannamaker
Efficient Generation of Multichannel Dither Signals

R. Greenfield
General-Purpose Direct Form 1 IIR Filter Structure for Digital Audio Applications

S. A. Azizi
Performance Analysis of Linear-Phase Audio Filters Based on the Zero- Phase Filtering Concept

R. Adams, K. Nguyen, K. Sweetland
An Integrated AES/EBU Receiver/Sample-Rate Converterand

T. C. Tanner, Jr.
Reconfigurable Computing Systems for Audio DSP Applications

A. Baldini, G. Nottoli, and C. A. Paterlini
Software-Aided Mixing on a Low-Cost Digital Console

C. Hugonnet
A New Concept of Spatial Coherence Between Sound and Picture in Stereophonic (and Surrounding Sound) TV Production

A. Fukada, K. Tsujimoto, and S. Akita
Microphone Techniques for Ambient Sound on a Music Recording

J. Klepko
5-Channel Microphone Array with Binaural Head for Multichannel Reproduction

M. F. Davis and M. C. Fellers
Virtual Surround Presentation of Dolby AC-3 and Pro Logic Signals

A. Rimell and M. Hollier
Reproduction of Spatialized Audio in Immersive Environments with Non-Ideal Acoustic Conditions

D. Mitchell
Teaching Concepts in Mixing for Surround Sound-Pedagogical Changes with the Shift to 5.1

M. Colloms and C. Ellis
Diffuse-Field Planar Loudspeakers in Multimedia and Home Theater

A. Rubin
Live Interactive Music on the Internet

J. Fujimori and S. Kakiuchi
Digital Audio Transmission Over IEEE 1394: Protocol Design and Implementation

B. Moses and G. Bartlett
Audio Distribution and Control Using the IEEE 1394 Serial Bus

K. P. Gross
Operating Principles and Applications of Audio/Video Capable Networks

T. Thompson and H. Chamberlin
Presto: A High-Performance Transport for Digital Audio, Video, Control, and Synchronization

P. Heck, H. Hetzel, D. Knapp, T. Susanto, and D. Trager
Media-Oriented Synchronous Transfer�A Network Protocol for High-K. Rolfes, V. Srinivas, A. Stiegler, Quality, Low-Cost Transfer of Synchronous, Asynchronous, and Control Data on Fiber Optic

M. Poimboeuf
Synchronization of Digital Media, Clocks and Computers

T. Haines
Desktop Audio Acquisition Matrix

M. Morimoto
The Role of Rear Loudspeakers in Spatial Impression

T. J. Cox and P. D'Antonio
Room Optimizer: A Computer Program to Optimize the Placement of Listener, Loudspeakers, Acoustical Surface Treatment and Room Dimensions in Critical Listening Rooms

A. E. Ward
The Effect of Rooms on Multiple Loudspeaker Loading at Low Frequencies

A. E. Ward
A Comparison between Actual Measurements and Predictions Using a Closed-Form Image Method Model of a Six-Walled Room

T. Nousaine
Multiple Subwoofers for Home Theater

A. Järvinen, L. Savioja, H. Möller, V. Ikonen, and A. Ruusuvuor
Design of a Reference Listening Room-A Case Study

M. O. J. Hawksford
High-Definition Digital Audio in 3-Dimensional Sound Reproduction

B. Theiß and M. O. J. Hawksford
Phantom-Source Perception in 24-Bit @ 96-kHz Digital Audio

S. Yoshikawa, S. Noge, T. Yamamoto, and K. Saito
Does High Sampling Frequency Improve Perceptual Time-Axis Resolution of a Digital Audio Signal?

F. Bruekers, W. Oomen, R. van der Vleuten,and L. van de Kerkhof
Improved Lossless Coding of 1-Bit Audio Signals

Y. Ogura, T. Sugihara, S. Okada, H. Yamauchi, and A. Nishio
One-Bit Two-Channel Recorder System

R. ten Kate
Disc Technology for Super-Quality Audio Applications

E. Funasaka and H. Suzuki
DVD-Audio Format

R. C. Maher
A Low Complexity Spatial Localization System

T. C. Tanner, Jr.
Psychoacoustic Criteria for Auditioning Virtual Imaging Systems

A. Farina and E. Ugolotti
Use of Digital Inverse Filtering Techniques for Improving Car Audio Systems

G. H. Canfield and S. M. Kuo
Dual-Channel Audio Equalization and Cross-Talk Cancellation for Correlated Stereo Signals

M. J. Evans, J. A. S. Angus, and A. I. Tew
Spherical Harmonic Spectra of Head-Related-Transfer Functions

K. C. K. Foo and M. O. Hawksford
HRTF Sensitivity Analysis for Three-Dimensional Spatial Audio Using the Pair-Wise Loudspeaker Association Paradigm

Y. Kahana, P. A. Nelson, O. Kirkeby, and H. Hamada
Objective and Subjective Assessment of Systems for the Production of Virtual Acoustic Images for Multiple Listeners

O. Kirkeby, P. A. Nelson, and H. Hamada
Virtual Source Imaging Using the Stereo Dipole

F. Grossi and G. Majandi
The Audio Reinforcement System Project for the Rebuilding of the La Fenice Theater, Venice, Italy

B. H. M. Kok and W. C. J. M. Prinssen
Using Acoustic Enhancement to Improve Speech Intelligibility

O. Warusfel, P. Derogis, and R. Caussé
Radiation Synthesis with Digitally Controlled Loudspeakers

T. J. Cox and P. D�Antonio
Fractal Sound Diffusers

E.-J. Voelker and W. Tueber
The Importance of Early Sound for Recording and Reproduction-Is the Quality of Digital Sound Transmission Sufficient?

P. R. Newell and K. R. Holland
A Proposal for a More Perceptually Uniform Control Room for Stereophonic Music Recording Studios

K. R. Holland and P. R. Newell
Loudspeakers, Mutual Coupling and Phantom Images in Rooms

A. S. Bregman
When Will We Hear Separate Events in a Sequence of Sounds?

P. Cariani, M. Trama, and B. Delgutte
Neural Representation of Pitch through Temporal Autocorrelation

J. A. S. Angus and D. M. Howard
Interval Pitching Accuracy of Children Aged 7 to 11

K. Precoda and T. H. Meng
Subjective Audio Testing Methodology and Human Performance Factors

N. C. Otto
Listening Test Methods for Automotive Sound Quality

A. Farina and E. Ugolotti
Subjective Comparison of Different Car Audio Systems by the Auralization Technique

P. Gray, R. Massara, and M. Hollier
An Experimental Investigation of the Accumulation of Perceived Error in Time-Varying Speech Distortions

P. Kaeseler
Designing Interaction between Auditory and Visual Stimuli: Casestories from the Virtual LEGO-life

M. P. Hollier and R. Voelcker
Objective Performance Assessment: Video Quality as an Influence on Audio Perception

M. W. Macon, L. Jensen-Link, J. Oliverio, M. A. Clements, and E. B. George
Concatenation-Based MIDI-to-Singing Voice Synthesis

D. K. Wise
Approximation of Decimation Filters Using the SMAC Architecture

D. S. Mash
Music Campus of the Future

V. Välimäki and T. Tolonen
Development and Calibration of a Guitar Synthesizer

M. Kahrs
25 Years of Digital Synthesizer Architecture Patents

B. C. Wood
Computer-Controlled Attenuator for Subjective Evaluation Systems

J. M. Didden
Novel Feedback Topology Obviates the Need for High Loop Gain

A. Hewitt
A Simple Approximation for the Distortion in a Pulse-Width-Modulation Digital-to-Analog Converter

J. DeCelles
Characteristics of Demodulation Filters for Switching Power Amplifiers

R. D. McLaughlin, G. Stanley, and J. Wordinger
Audio Amplifier Efficiency and Balanced Current Design-A New Paradigm

R. A. R. van der Zee and A. J. M. van Tuijl
A High-Efficiency Low-Distortion Audio Power Amplifier

K. Nielsen
Pulse Edge Delay Error Correction (PEDEC)-A Novel Power Stage Error-Correction Principle for Power Digital-Analog Conversion

A. J. Magrath, I. G. Clark, and M. B. Sandler
A Sigma�Delta Digital Audio Power Amplifier-Design and FPGA Implementation

R. C. Cabot
Fundamentals of Modern Audio Measurement

A. Farina and F. Righini
Software Implementation of an MLS Analyzer with Tools for Convolution, Auralization and Inverse Filtering

M. J. Reed and M. O. J. Hawksford
Comparison of Audio System Nonlinear Performance in Volterra Space

J. A. S. Angus
A New Method for Analyzing the Effects of Jitter in Digital, Audio Systems

J. Atkinson
Loudspeakers: What Measurements Can Tell Us-and What They Can't Tell Us!

G. Budzynski and M. Szczerba
A New Approach to Acoustic Investigation of Organ Sound

G. Brock-Nannestad
The Objective Basis for the Production of High-Quality Transfers from Pre-1925 Sound Recordings

R. Hoeldrich and M. Lorber
Non-Linear Spectral Subtraction with Combined Smoothing Strategies for Broadband Noise Reduction

G. Brock-Nannestad
Applying the Concept of Operational Conservation Theory to Problems of Audio Restoration and Archiving Practice

A. Tuzman, R. Gadea, R. Laureiro, and F. Vilar
Restoration of Musical Signals Using Wavelet Transform and Modified Wiener Filtering

M. V. Kotvis
Audio Signal Processing Based on an Adaptive Time-Frequency Distribution

G. Brock-Nannestad
Traceability, Reproducibility, Compatibility-Quality Control Elements in Audio Information Transfer

P. Cook
Reconstruction of Early Glenn Gould Broadcasts: From Acetate to Compact Disc

S. Peus
Measurements on Studio Microphones

D. Josephson
Progress in Microphone Characterization-SC-04-04

J. Backman
Distortion from Boundary Layers

B. Grill
A Bit-Rate Scalable Perceptual Coder for MPEG-4 Audio

J. Koller, T. Sporer, and K. Brandenburg
Robust Coding of High-Quality Audio Signals

D. J. Button
Magnetic Circuit Design Methodologies for Dual Coil Transducers

J. A. Moorer
Music Recording in the Age of Multi-Channel

U. Horbach
New Techniques for the Production of Multichannel Sound

D. Griesinger
Progress in 5-2-5 Matrix Systems

T. Dolby Robertson
Linear Sound versus HyperSound: A Fresh Look at Audio on the Internet

T. White
Downloadable Sounds Level 1 Specification

F. Cruz-Barney and O. Warusfel
Prediction of the Spatial Informations for the Control of Room Acoustics Auralization

J.-M. Jot, L. Cerveau, and O. Warusfel
Analysis and Synthesis of Room Reverberation Based on a Statistical Time-Frequency Model

A. Chesnokov and L. SooHoo
Acoustic Characteristics of Timber-Framed Listening Rooms

J. A. S. Angus
Backward Adaptive Lossless Coding of Audio Signals

J. A. S. Angus
Lossless Audio Signal Processing

E. M. Wenzel
Analysis of the Role of Update Rate and System Latency in Interactive Virtual Acoustic Environments

P. Mapp and M. Colloms
Improvements in Intelligibility through the Use of Diffuse Acoustic Radiators in Sound Distribution

H. Azima and N. Harris
Boundary Interaction of Diffuse-Field Distributed-Mode Radiators

J. B. Allen
A Short History of Telephone Psychophysics

J. Bruck
The KFM 360 Surround-A Purist Approach

D. Griesinger
Spatial Impression and Envelopment in Small Rooms

J. R. Stuart
Coding Methods for High-Resolution Recording Systems

J. A. S. Angus and A. Simpson
Wideband Two-Dimensional Diffusers Using Orthogonal Modulated Sequences

K. Brandenburg and M. Bosi
ISO/IEC MPEG-2 Advanced Audio Coding: Overview and Applications

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