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AES EDM Academy Premieres March 11

For Release: February 15, 2021

AES EDM Academy Premieres March 11

The AES has announced details of the upcoming premiere of the AES EDM Academy, taking place online, March 11, from 10:00am to 5:00pm ET, and offering a full day of sessions covering the latest trends in technology, tools and techniques for EDM production and performance. Registration is just $20 for AES members ($40 for non-members) and includes access to on-demand replay of the event for an additional two months for AES members (two weeks for nonmembers). Additionally, attendees will receive a certificate of achievement for participating in the AES EDM Academy sessions.

In this first-ever AES EDM Academy event, industry pros will guide attendees through a host of topical sessions covering both the artistry and techniques used by today’s hottest EDM artists and producers. Slated sessions include:

“The Most Important Tool in your Arsenal” – AES EDM Academy co-chair Alexandra Bartles takes a fresh look at the most important tool in any studio: human hearing. Bartles will share critical knowledge about how hearing works and how to protect it.

“Education to Industry as an Artist” – In this session, the Funk Cartel brothers, Rory and Cam Cochrane, discuss their self-driven artist development strategies, the importance of understanding the audio engineering aspect of music production, and how they continue to carve out their place in the music industry.

“Do Your Kicks Punch?” – Dr. Rick Snoman gives insight on how to tighten up the most important element in an electronic dance track: the kick drum. Snoman will look at the different methods used to synthesize kick drums, alongside the various ways to use processing to ensure that kicks punch through the track and translate properly to the dance floor.

“An Insight into Roska and the UK Funky Genre” – Continuing his journey as a pioneer of the Funky House sound via his more than 100 releases on the Roska Kicks & Snares (RKS) imprint, Roska has welcomed the likes of MA1, Champion, Murder He Wrote, DJ POLO and DJ MOTU to the label since its inception in 2010.

“Studio Monitoring 101” – A comprehensive session on the correct set-up, placement and types of studio monitoring for EDM production presented by Stephan Mauer, head of product at ADAM Audio since 2018.

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