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Strong Program on Offer in Munich

For Release: March 10, 2009

March 2009 – Munich, Germany: In a few weeks time, the M,O,C, will open its doors to the 126th AES Convention. As in previous Conventions such as the one in 2002, the Munich Order Center M,O,C, was chosen as the ideal location for both the Exhibition and the Convention program. With the workshop and tutorial rooms on one side of the hallway and the exhibition on the other, there will be close contact between the two parts of the convention.


The experienced committee team of Martin Wöhr (Convention Chairman), Florian Camerer, Ben Kok and Ulrike Schwarz (Broadcasting, Recording and Sound Design Program), Geoff Martin and Günther Theile (paper and poster sessions), and Axel Dehler (Technical Tours) has planned an extensive Convention program with an impressive number of papers and workshops. About 19 paper and 11 poster sessions, 21 workshops, 11 tutorials and 12 technical tours will offer first-hand information from the latest research as well as insight into the more practical aspects.


“Although the market is definitively suffering from the world financial situation, the pro audio business is still driven by some hot topics. One of them is the daily use of surround sound, which is discussed in several sessions, ranging from workshops about “Mixing Sports in 5.1”, “5.1 High Profile Mixing”, or “Mastering for Multiple Formats” to many papers on the subject,” says Martin Wöhr. “Besides the classical topics of broadcasting, recording, coding, signal and sound processing, microphone and loudspeaker technology, or room acoustics, we added some important new topics ranging from “Audio for Games and Interactive Media” and “Telecom Audio” to “Audio over IP”. This enabled us to organize a program broadly covering the many aspects of professional audio,” Martin Wöhr added. 


Another important event at this Convention is the two-day workshop about Live Sound. The seminar will be held in the Atrium 2 of the M,O,C, congress center. As the name Atrium already implies, it is a more or less open space with a lot of glass and stone. That is definitively not the easiest room to run a public address system – and hence reflects the real situation of the daily job of an FOH mixing engineer. All training sessions and discussions are focusing on this aspect and answer the question how to succeed in acoustically challenging rooms. Even the choice of the musicians had been made with regards to this topic. Now the German Rockband Rauschenberger will acompany the Live Sound workshop for all practical demonstrations. In this way it can be shown, for example, which effect in-ear monitoring has, compared to classical stage monitoring, in such an acoustical environment. The workshop will be held on Saturday and Sunday. It is largely supported and sponsored by the companies d&b, Neumann & Müller, Sennheiser, and Yamaha. 


With this program, the AES Convention in Munich once again gives the opportunity to stay in touch with the latest developments in the various fields of professional audio and learn about new markets and technologies in the pro audio business. This is definitely a must for all professionals!


As in past years, convention registration and hotel reservations can easily be done through the internet. The website is continuously updated with the recent information and thus gives a broad overview about the whole program.



The Conference part runs from Thursday 07 to Sunday 10 of May 2009, the Exhibition part runs from Friday 08 to Sunday 10, and the Live Sound seminar will be held on Saturday 09 and Sunday 10. 



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