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Your search has found 50 random audio engineers. You may click on each person's name to read their personal profile. Please note that the Audio Engineering Society cannot guarantee any work done by our members. We are simply providing their contact information but you should still check their references and follow common sense guidelines when hiring an outside consultant.

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Per Sjosten (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Kavish Katre (mumbai, India)

Malcolm Harper (Austin, TX, United States)

Piotr Kleczkowski (Kraków, Poland)

Gints Klimanis (Cupertino, CA, United States)

Paul Griffith (Athens, GA, United States)

Kees Schouhamer Immink (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Jayant Datta (Syracuse, NY, United States)

Luis Damian Guell (Fairview, NJ, United States)

Tamas Szekely (Budapest, Hungary)

Herman van Laar (Diemen, Netherlands)

Jose Lopez (Valencia, Spain)

James Locke (South Shore, United States)

Dr Bruce Wiggins (Derby, United Kingdom)

Eduardo Lopez (Bogotá, Colombia)

Kazuya Nagae (Japan)

Thomas R. Levno (United States)

Frank Wells (Murfreesboro, TN, United States)

Enda Bates (Dublin, Ireland)

Tom Nelson (Piermont, NY, United States)

Jeff Willens (New York, NY, United States)

Steve Turnidge (Seattle, WA, United States)

Lamberto Tronchin (Bologna, Italy)

Dr Rob Toulson (Cambridge, United Kingdom)

Pavel Ignatov (Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation)

Helene Bahu (San Francisco, CA, United States)

Fernando Bacigalupo (Quilmes, Argentina)

Paul Womack (Brooklyn, NY, United States)

Aurelio Uncini (Rome - Italy, Italy)

Daniel Russu (Tel Aviv, Israel)

John Jacobson (Las Vegas, NV, NV, United States)

Samuel T. Buckner (Sherman Oaks, CA, United States)

Ian Shepherd (Cambridge, United Kingdom)

James Wood (Brea, CA, United States)

Geoff Hill (Leigh on Sea, United Kingdom)

Ufuk Onen (Ankara, Turkey)

Jonathan Wyner (Cambridge, MA, United States)

Asad Lalani (United Arab Emirates)

Vincenzo Ferrara (Rome, Italy)

Prevco Audio (Framingham, MA, United States)

Carlos Andrés Caballero Parra (Medellín - Colombia, Colombia)

Lakshmikanth Tipparaju (San Francisco, CA, United States)

Jon Tatooles (Madison, WI, United States)

Chris Kincaid (Louisville, KY, United States)

Akihisa Yorozu (Tokyo, Japan)

Eric Seaberg (Lakeside, CA, United States)

David Marsh (United States)

Mark Bladen -Hovell (Milton Keynes, United Kingdom)

Steven van Raalte (Breda, Netherlands)

Carlos Indio Gauvron (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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