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Alexander Voishvillo

Alexander Voishvillo

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  • Product Design & Manufacturing - Transducers
  • Product Design & Manufacturing - Research & Development

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  • Technical Director
  • Engineer
  • Manager
  • Other: Harman Fellow, Acoustics Engineering


Alexander Voishvillo was born and grew up in Saint Petersburg, Russia where he graduated from the State University of Telecommunications. He worked at Popov Institute for Radio and Acoustics. He designed loudspeakers and studio monitors and did research on loudspeakers and transducers. His PhD work was on computer optimization of loudspeaker crossovers.

In 1995 Alexander and his family moved to California at invitation of Eugene Czerwinski, Cerwin-Vega CEO.

At Cerwin-Vega Alexander headed new R&D group, designed new transducers, and investigated advanced methods to measure nonlinearity in audio equipment.

Currently Alexander leads Transducer Engineering department at Harman Professional.

Alexander holds 12 Harman US and international patents, 19 patents pending. He authored publications in JAES; presented papers at AES and ASA conventions and meetings and ALMA symposia. He participates in the AES Standard Committee's 04-03 Working Group on Loudspeaker Modeling and Measurement, and in the AES Technical Committee on Loudspeakers and Headphones. He reviews preprints for AES conventions and manuscripts for JAES publication.

In 2008 he was awarded AES Fellowship, in 2012 he received ALMA Titanium Driver Award. In 2013 he received Harman award for technological innovations, and in 2019 he received Harman External Leadership Award and Harman Inventions and Patents Award.

AES Awards

In 2008, Alexander Voishvillo was presented with the AES Fellowship Award in recognition of outstanding achievement in modeling and assessing the nonlinearities of horn drivers and other audio equipment.

Non-AES Awards & Award Nominations

2012: ALMA Titanium Driver Award for Technical Contribution

2013: JBL Professional Outstanding Achievement Award

2019 Harman External Leadership Award

2019 Harman Inventions and Patents Award.

Education Background

PhD degree: 1987, Saint Petersburg University of Telecommunications. Saint Petersburg, Russia

Employment History

1977 - 1995 Popov Institute for Radio and Acoustics, Saint Petersburg, Russia
1995 - 2003 Cerwin Vega Inc. Simi Valley, CA USA
2003 - 2004 Gibson Labs, Sunnyvale, CA USA
2004 - present Harman Professional, Northridge, CA USA

Why Am I An AES Member?

AES member since 1992
AES Fellow since 2008
AES Life Fellow since 2016


8500 Balboa Boulevard
91329 Northridge CA
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