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Thomas Lund: The Tipping Point

AES Live: Expo - 141st Convention

Thomas Lund: The Tipping Point

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So you like to mix loud, but what if too loud actually makes the result softer in the end? Pre-recorded tracks for the European Song Contest in 2015 were generally extremely hot, but content providers were unaware that pushing beyond a tipping point made too much of a good thing become bad. Not only were music tracks more distorted than need be, most also ended up being quieter, considering the jury and the consumer. Hear the latest about ideal leveling for platforms such as Tidal, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and TV. The presentation also details EBU, AES, Nordic Dynamic and mobile device standards; before discussing loudness-savvy alignment and calibration of loudspeakers in pro.

Thomas Lund, Genelec Oy - Iisalmi, Finland

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