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Perceptual Audio Evaluation

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Perceptual Audio Evaluation

Acoustics, Psychoacoustics, Hearing: Measurement and Instrumentation

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The aim of this tutorial is to provide an overview of perceptual evaluation of audio through listening tests, based on good practices in the audio and affiliated industries. The tutorial is geared to anyone interested in the evaluation of audio quality and will provide a highly condensed overview of all aspects of performing listening tests in a robust manner.

Topics will include:
1) Definition of a suitable research question and associated hypothesis;
2) Definition of the question to be answered by the subject;
3) Scaling of the subjective response;
4) Control of experimental variables such as choice of signal, reproduction system, listening room, and selection of test subjects;
5) Statistical planning of the experiments; and
6) Statistical analysis of the subjective responses.

The tutorial will include both theory and practical examples including discussion of the recommendations of relevant international standards (IEC, ITU, ISO). The presentation will be made available to attendees and an extended version will be available in the form of the text Perceptual Audio Evaluation, authored by Søren Bech and Nick Zacharov.

Søren Bech
Nick Zacharov

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