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Eddy B. Brixen: Audio Forensics—What's It All About?

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Eddy B. Brixen: Audio Forensics—What's It All About?

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Working with audio forensics is serious business. Depending on the work of the forensics engineer, people may eventually end up in prison. This tutorial will present the kind of work related to the field. This covers fields as acoustics, when audio analysis can be a part of the crime scene investigation. Voice acoustics: Who was speaking? Electro acoustics: Checking data on tapes, discs or other data storage media. Recording techniques: Is this recording an original production or is it a copy of others' work. Even building acoustics and psychoacoustics, when the question is raised: Who could hear what? However, the most important 'everyday work' of the audio forensics engineers is cleaning of audio recordings and providing transcriptions.

Eddy B. Brixen, EBB-consult - Smørum, Denmark; DPA Microphones

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