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Auro-3D Formats and Technologies - An Overview

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Auro-3D Formats and Technologies - An Overview

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The audio world has recently seen the advent of several new audio formats, each claiming to bring a new three dimensional, immersive sound or “Surround with Height” listening experience to the listener. As a result several organizations are working on a standard for Immersive Sound, incorporating channel-based and/or object-based audio capabilities.

The introduction of such new formats bring new options as well as challenges for content creators such as movie studios, post production, and music facilities. After having experienced the fun side of the new creative options, engineers are still faced with several challenges, as well as optimizing the object-based elements of the Immersive Sound standard for reproduction on a plethora of reproduction systems, each with a number of common as well as unique features. At the same time choices need to be made to maximize the preservation of the creative intent on all reproduction systems.

This tutorial will help establish the fundamentals of the Auro 3D approach to Immersive sound, which enables simultaneous creation of content in various audio formats for movies and music, including the Immersive Sound formats. Several points are highlighted such as compatibility between deliverables, creative possibilities and limitations, and playback in theaters and at home.

Wilfried Van Baelen, Auro Technologies N.V. - Mol, Belgium
Bert Van Daele, Auro 3D & Galaxy Studios - Mol, Belgium

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