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(1916-2015) Norman C. Pickering was an engineer, inventor, and musician best known for improving the sound of phonograph records by refining record pickups and later designing precision phono cartridges. He was also known for his research on violin strings, bows, and violin acoustics. Pickering was instrumental in the formation of the AES. At a meeting held in the RCA Victor recording studios in New York the evening of February 17, 1948, Pickering discussed the need for a professional organization to foster the growth of audio engineering. He cited the lack of exchange of knowledge caused by absence of a common meeting ground and of a medium for interchange of ideas in the audio field. The group immediately agreed that such an organization should be formed. A motion was carried to form the Audio Engineering Society and Norman served as the first Secretary of the AES. Pickering was awarded a Fellowship by the AES in 1952 for his contributions to the field of audio engineering and an AES Award in 1955 in acknowledgement of his role in the formation and advancement of the Society. Interviewed by Irv Joel. Edited by Harry Hirsch.

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