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1997 September, VOLUME 45 NUMBER 9


President's Message: Need for Awareness in Audio Elizabeth A. Cohen 659


Effect Design: Part 1 Reverberator and Other Filters
Jon Dattorro 660
The author has written a comprehensive three-part toolbox paper, which is intended to serve as a tutorial point of reference for digital audio effects that are frequently used by the electronic music industry. In this first part, reverberation, musical filtering, and Chamberlin filter topology algorithms are discussed. Included in each of these subjects are historical background, pertinent references, and appendices to further aid the reader's understanding of the subject materials.

Personal Sound
W. F. Druyvesteyn and J. Garas 685
Methods of isolating multiple sound sources within a single room that permit different persons to listen to individual and personal sound sources have been investigated. Although no isolation criteria between listeners are proposed in this paper, useful data are developed by several possible sound source isolation methods in reverberant and nonreverberant environments.

Design of a Loudspeaker System with a Low-Frequency Cardioidlike Radiation Pattern
Marinus M. Boone and Okke Ouweltjes 702
A loudspeaker system based on a combination of monopole and dipole radiators, which is driven by specially preprocessed audio signals, can generate a cardioidlike unidirectional low-frequency radiation pattern. In public address systems this method reduces acoustical feedback and can reduce the number of secondary low-frequency acoustical paths within an enclosed environment.


Listener Differences in Audio Compression Evaluations
Kristin Precoda and Teresa H. Meng 708
This study investigates variations in perceptual grading of audio compression schemes in terms of data deviations between diversified groups and different locations. Divergent listener strategies and the variable auditory perceptions of the 'average' listener have significant implications for how data may be combined sensibly and applied across a diversified listener base.


AES Standards Committee News 716 Patent policy; IEEE 1394; 96 kHz DRAFT AES3-1992 Amendment 2-xxxx DRAFT Amendment 2 to AES Recommended practice for digital audio engineering - Serial transmission format for two-channel linearly represented digital audio data (insert)


AES 14th International Conference Report: Seattle, Washington, USA 722
AES 104th Convention, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Call for Papers 753


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