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VOLUME 45 NUMBER 3 1997 March

President's Message: Ubiquitous Audio
Elizabeth A. Cohen 115


The Detection Thresholds of Resonances at Low Frequencies
Sean E. Olive, Peter L. Schuck, James G. Ryan, Sharon L. Sally, and Marc E. Bonneville p. 116
Listeners' detection thresholds of low-frequency resonances and antiresonances were measured for a single resonance (peak and notch) for different Qs and center frequencies using several signal types. These tests were designed to help understand the relationship between loudspeaker and listening room interactions. The experimental results show that detection thresholds are complex and are affected by Q, center frequency, and signal type. Precision Measurement of Loudspeaker Parameters David Clark 129 Reliable measurements of loudspeaker position-dependent parameters are achieved by using pneumatic pressure to displace the cone of the loudspeaker under test. This method reduces the variations between successive measurements, thereby improving the reliability and utility of the measurements.

Position-Independent Enhancement of Reverberant Speech
D. Cole, M. Moody, and S. Sridharan p. 142
Conventional enhancement of single-channel reverberant speech is a somewhat cumbersome two- step process. The authors' proposed new method is based on the observed segmental spectral magnitude characteristics of room impulse responses. This novel system greatly reduces the positional sensitivity of speaker-to-microphone placement while improving the speech perception in a reverberant environment.

Modeling Small Chinese and Tibetan Bells
Andrew Horner, Lydia Ayers, and Daniel Law p. 148
The spectral properties of small Chinese and Tibetan bells were examined for their amplitude modulations and occasional synchronous frequency modulations. These characteristics were modeled and synthesized. Listening tests have found the resultant synthesized sound to be indistinguishable from the original bell sound.


Comments on "An Introduction to Band-Pass Loudspeaker System" Yong Shen, Bo-ling Xu, and Jia-Zheng Sha p. 160
Author's Reply Earl Geddes p. 160


AES Standards Committee News p. 162
Status of projects


Technological Change: The Challenge to the Audio and Music Industries John Strawn p. 170
Updates and Corrections to the 1996/1997 AES International Sections Directory p. 185
Updates to Review of Society's Sustaining Members p. 195


Reviews of Acoustical Patents p. 165
News of the Sections p. 188
Upcoming Meetings p. 190
Sound Track p. 191
New Products and Services p. 193
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