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Design and Validation of a System for Selecting Optimized Midrange Loudspeaker Diaphragm Profiles
G. P. Geaves p.107
Midrange axisymmetric loudspeaker diaphragm profile designs are computer generated based on mechanical filter criteria. Mechanical variations are accommodated by a smoothness optimization protocol system that accounts for manufacturing tolerances.

MIDAS-MILAN: An Open Distributed Processing System for Audio Signal Processing
Ross Kirk and Andy Hunt p.119
An open signal processing protocol, which is based on the portability of C software functions, creates a networking system that can be composed of different machine types. This heterogeneous system accommodates different kinds of processors to form a coherent, machine-independent network.

Group Synthesis with Genetic Algorithms
Ngai-Man Cheung and Andrew B. Horner p.130
Musical sounds can be efficiently synthesized using an automatic genetic algorithm to decompose musical instrument tones into group synthesis parameters. By separating the data into individual matrices, a high degree of data compression with low computational cost is achieved.


Performance of Cascade and Parallel IIR Filters
Wei Chen p.148
The performance of second-order-section IIR filters in digital signal processing applications is materially affected by their configurations. To achieve a signal-to-noise ratio of more than 96 dB, double precision internal states are used together with a parallel form of filter. In general, the parallel IIR filter produces a lower noise figure than its equivalent cascade filter.


AES Standards Committee News p. 159
100th Convention meetings


AES 100th Convention Preview: Copenhagen p. 162
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Updates and Corrections to the 1995/1996 AES International Sections Directory p. 206


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