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President's Message: Quality of Service in an Open-Platform Infrastructure Elizabeth A. Cohen p. 3


Overview of MPEG Audio: Current and Future Standards for Low-Bit-Rate Audio Coding
Karlheinz Brandenburg and Marina Bosi p. 4
The development of the MPEG standards and their continued expansion for use in low-bit-rate audio coding are comprehensively reviewed. Details unique to several commercial encoding techniques that follow the guidelines of existing standards are presented. Extensive listening test data are included from the British Broadcasting System and NHK, Japan.

Perceptual Filters for Audio Signal Enhancement
Dionysis E. Tsoukalas, John Mourjopoulos, and George Kokkinakis p. 22
A novel technique for removal of broadband noise relies on a psychoacoustic representation of the signals that uses a time-frequency varying perceptual filter to remove embedded broadband noise. The proposed perceptual filter can be a very powerful tool, capable of removing and psychoacoustically shaping perceptually significant noise while preserving the quality of the original music signal.

Digital Signal Processing Tools for Loudspeaker Evaluation and Discrete-Time Crossover Design
Malcolm Omar Hawksford p. 37
A versatile technique for producing digital crossover alignments is presented together with its implications on cumulative design spectra (CDS) and energy-time curves (ETC). A new method is proposed for masking polar response errors within the crossover transition band without affecting the on-axis target response.


AES Standards Committee News p. 63
102nd Convention meetings; internet communications; low-bit-rate data; S4 officers


102nd Convention Preview: Munich p. 66
Calendar p. 68
Exhibitors p. 70
Exhibit Previews p. 76
AES 103rd Convention, New York, Call for Papers (insert)


News of the Sections p. 93 Sound Track p. 98 Upcoming Meetings p. 100 Available Literature p. 101 Membership Information p. 104 In Memoriam p. 107 Sections Contacts Directory p. 108 AES Conventions and Conferences p. 112

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