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1999 December, Vol 47 Number 12



Wigner Distribution Representation and Analysis of Audio Signals: An Illustrated Tutorial Review
Douglas Preis and Voula Chris Georgopoulos 1043

A visual display of quantitative information about how a signal's energy is distributed in both time
and frequency is presented by the Wigner distribution. This display embodies the two fundamentally
important concepts of Fourier and time-domain analysis into a comprehensive display.
A substantial amount of practical insight, understanding, and interpretive skill can be gained
by carefully examining the wide variety of computed Wigner distributions illustrated in this paper.


Relationships between Noise Shaping and Nested Differentiating Feedback Loops
J. Vanderkooy and M. O. J. Hawksford 1054

The use of heavy feedback is studied in two different topologies: multiple-order noise shaping and nested
differentiating feedback loops. Both topologies have similar loop gains and stability considerations, but
have different implied circuit environments and areas of application. This tutorial paper helps in
understanding the application of large feedback amounts used to control noise or distortion at
baseband frequencies.

A Unified Fast Algorithm for Cosine Modulated Filter Banks in Current Audio Coding Standards
Chi-Min Liu and Wen-Chieh Lee 1061

Modern audio compression coding standards have adopted various forms of the cosine modulated filter bank
(CMFB) for compression. These modulated cosine transforms (MCTs) can be resolved into two modules: the
permutation and discrete cosine transform (DCT). The derived DCTs are of three types. This paper proposes a
fast computing algorithm to compute uniformly all three types of the discrete cosine transforms.

Synthesis Modeling of the Chinese Dizi, Bawu, and Sheng
Andrew Horner, Lydia Ayers, and Daniel Law 1076

The spectral properties of the Chinese dizi, bawu, and sheng, and how they differ from their Western
counterparts, are described in this paper. A group additive synthesis model has been developed for these three
instruments using wavetables, together with their Csound implementations. The authors state the listening tests
show the models are nearly indistinguishable from the original instruments' tones, confirming the effectiveness
of the synthesized matches.


AES3-1992 Amendment 4-1999 Amendment 4 to AES Recommended practice for digital audio engineering -
Serial transmission format for two-channel linearly represented digital audio data

AES Standards Bulletin: Formation of the SC-02-02-D task group on extending AES10-1991 (MADI) to higher
sampling frequencies

AES Standards Committee News: Preservation transfers; optical media life; loudspeakers; listening tests; EMC
practices; Internet music

Digital interfaces, audio-file transfer, IEEE 1394, microphones, forensic audio


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