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2001 October, Vol 49 Number 10



An Interdisciplinary Synthesis of Reverberation Viewpoints
Barry Blesser   867
Artificial reverberation is much more complex than a simple signal processing problem because it involves issues related to acoustics, perception, statistics, mathematics, music, and culture. While there is a large amount of research in each of the relevant fields, there has not been a significant integration of these disparate topics. Moreover, reverberation is a subset of the larger topic, auditory spatial awareness, which has not been extensively studied. The interdisciplinary approach resolves questions which could not be answered within a specific field. A comprehensive bibliography provides the basis for additional reading and research in critical topics.

Direct Comparison of the Impact of Head Tracking, Reverberation, and Individualized Head-Related Transfer Functions on the Spatial Perception of a Virtual Speech Source
Durand R. Begault, Elizabeth M. Wenzel, and Mark R. Anderson   904
Sound localization using headphones, which is critical to virtual displays, is dependent upon several independent variables including head-tracking, individual head-related transfer functions, and reflection patterns. This experiment determines the relative importance of each factor using a consistent paradigm with a speech signal. With inadequate localization information, errors manifest themselves in terms of localization deviations, front-back reversals, and in-head location. The results serve as a guide in the design of such systems.


Correction to "Improving Access to Digital Video Archives through Informedia Technology"
Michael G. Christel, Howard D. Wactlar, and Alexander G. Hauptmann   917


AES45-2001 AES standard for single programme connectors - Connectors for loudspeaker-level patch panels   918

AES31-1-2001 AES standard for network and file transfer of audio - Audio-file transfer and exchange - Part 1: Disk format   926

AES Standards Committee News   944
New York meetings; audio metadata; Internet audio quality; forensic media


10th Tokyo Regional Convention Report   954
Exhibitors   963
Program   964
Review of Society's Sustaining Members   972


Review of Acoustical Patents   949

News of the Sections   987

Upcoming Meetings   989

Sound Track   990

New Products and Developments   991

Available Literature   992

Membership Information   994

Advertiser Internet Directory   996

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2001 October, Vol 49 Number 10

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