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2001 November, Vol 49 Number 11



Multitone Testing of Sound System Components-Some Results and Conclusions, Part 1: History and Theory
Eugene Czerwinski, Alexander Voishvillo, Sergei Alexandrov, and Alexander Terekhov   1011
Evaluating nonlinear distortion in audio equipment, most notably loudspeakers, has been a constant topic of discussion because of the lack of progress in finding objective measures that correlate with subjective judgments. A comprehensive review of the literature spanning over 100 years illustrates the subject's intractable nature. A more formal analysis then leads to the conclusion that a carefully constructed multitone signal both simulates real music and allows for a mathematical theory that predicts the intermodulation products. This provides the basis for transforming the distortion products into compact metrics. THD is a useless metric.

Perceptual Tolerances for Decay Parameters in Plucked String Synthesis
Hanna Javrelainen and Tero Tolonen   1049
The ability to synthesize musical notes that emulate natural instruments requires a detailed understanding of the parameters use to describe the signal. This study examines the perceptual sensitivity to the decay parameters of a plucked string of an acoustic guitar. Listening tests showed that relatively large variations in the decay remain inaudible.


A Simplified Wavetable Matching Method Using Combinatorial Basis Spectra Selection
Andrew Horner   1060
While wavetable synthesis is powerful, flexible, and potentially very accurate, it involves a difficult design choice for parameter optimization. Algorithms must balance accuracy, complexity, and compute resources. The author proposes a different approach that involves an intensive optimization over a more limited range of choices. It is simpler, yet it achieves essentially the same results as the more traditional approach.


AES26-2001 AES recommended practice for professional audio interconnections - Conservation of the polarity of audio signals   1067

AES Standards Committee News   1080
Status of projects


20th Conference Report, Budapest, Hungary   1098


News of the Sections   1107

Upcoming Meetings   1109

Sound Track   1110

New Products and Developments   1111

Available Literature   1113

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Advertiser Internet Directory   1116

AES Annual Report   1119

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AES Conventions and Conferences   1128

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2001 November, Vol 49 Number 11

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