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2001 May, Vol 49 Number 5



Localization with Binaural Recordings from Artificial and Human Heads
Pauli Minnaar, Søren Krarup Olesen, Flemming Christensen, and Henrik Møller   323

Experimental work has shown that localization in binaural recordings made with artificial heads is inferior to real-life localization as well as to localization in binaural recordings made in the ears of selected humans. In a series of experiments it was shown that artificial heads are still not as good for binaural recording as a well-selected human head, although some of the new artificial heads approach the performance of human heads. The accumulated results of these studies provide sufficient data to indicate that there are also significant differences between some of the currently available artificial heads.

Distortion and Directivity in a Digital Transducer Array Loudspeaker
Yaxiong Huang, Simon C. Busbridge, and Deshinder S. Gill   337

A digital transducer array can be used to implement a completely digital loudspeaker. The digital transducer array loudspeaker is a distributed radiant body. Its array dimensions, the bit group arrangements, and the transducer drive strategies are crucial factors in determining the radiation pattern and directivity. Harmonic distortion in the loudspeaker's sound field is significant and varies with different transducer placements. There are significant differences in its performance, which depend on the driving strategies employed and geometric positioning of the transducers.

Adaptive Parametric Schemes for Analysis and Synthesis of Musical Signals
Kun Wang, Hongya Ge, and Yinong Ding   353
This analysis and synthesis of musical signals uses an adaptive approach in which the musical signals are modeled as nonstationary time-varying signals with mixed spectrum. The relationships among many factors, such as modeling efficiency, frame length and model order, and parameter estimation accuracy are discussed using the data analysis results. These results demonstrate that the proposed algorithms are computationally efficient in synthesizing piano and trumpet tones.


Verbal and Nonverbal Elicitation Techniques in the Subjective Assessment of Spatial Sound Reproduction
Russell Mason, Natanya Ford, Francis Rumsey, and Bart De Bruyn   366

Current research into spatial audio has shown an increasing interest in the way subjective attributes of reproduced sound are elicited from listeners. Current emphasis is on verbal semantics. However there are studies that suggest that nonverbal methods of elicitation could be beneficial. Research into the relative merits of these methods has found that nonverbal responses may result in different elicited attributes when compared to verbal techniques. This is a new area of study and the authors have indicated that further experimental work will be reported in due course.


AES-R3-2001 AES standards project report on single programme connectors-- Compatibility of tip-ring-sleeve connectors conforming to different standards   385

AES Standards Committee News   392
EMC and shielding


Technical Committee Reports: Emerging Trends in Technology   394


18th Conference Report, Burlingame, California, USA   402

Updates and Corrections to the 2000/2001 International Sections Directory   412


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2001 May, Vol 49 Number 5

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