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2001 June, Vol 49 Number 6



Transfer-Function Measurement with Sweeps
Swen Müller and Paulo Massarani   443

This paper begins with an extensive review of the existing methods used to obtain transfer-function measurements. It then compares the differences and practical problems of measuring with maximum-length sequences and sweeps, and makes the argument that for the majority of transfer-function measurement situations sweeps are the preferable choice. It also covers the need for preemphasized excitation signals in acoustical measurements, presents a method of creating sweeps with arbitrary spectral contents, and investigates the possibility of simultaneously analyzing transfer functions and harmonics.

Estimation of a Spherical-Head Model from Anthropometry
V. Ralph Algazi, Carlos Avendano, and Richard O. Duda   472

A generic spherical-head model is generally used to predict or synthesize spatial sound. However, a head radius that does not match the listener's will introduce errors in the apparent location of the virtual auditory source. In this study, an optimal spherical-head model was derived from the acoustically measured high- frequency interaural time difference data of 25 subjects. Analysis demonstrates that the optimal sphere resulted in very small lateral angle errors, except near the interaural poles. A model based on head measurements was also developed and tested. The empirical formula derived from the head measurements soundly predicted the optimal radius of the model for the population investigated.


Transparent Differential Coding for High-Resolution Digital Audio
M. J. Hawksford   480

After reviewing the fundamental cause of nonlinear distortion in bit-stream coders this study describes a method of signal coding that combines noise shaping with differential coding as an alternative format to linear pulse code modulation and to sigma-delta modulation. The model can operate losslessly over an exceptionally wide audio bandwith and is inherently linear. It is said to have application in future ultrahigh- capacity DVD and could bridge the debate between DSD and LPCM.


AES Standards Committee News 498
AES31; EMC; connectors


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