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2001 July/August, Vol 49 Number 7/8


Elizabeth Cohen   587


MPEG-7 and MPEG-7 Audio-An Overview
Adam T. Lindsay and Jürgen Herre   589


Improving Access to Digital Video Archives through Informedia Technology
Michael G. Christel, Howard D. Wactlar, and Alexander G. Hauptmann   595

In Search of a Mapping from Parameter Space to Perceptual Space
Chris Weare and Theodore Calhoun Tanner, Jr.   601

From Single-Carrier Sound Archive to BWF Online Archive-A New Optimized Workstation Concept
Siegbert Herla, Jörg Houpert, and Frank Lott   606


Preserving the Facts for the Future: Principles and Practices for the Transfer of Analog Audio Documents into the Digital Domain
Dietrich Schüller   618

Why Archive Audio Metadata?
Steven Lyman   622


Saving America's Aural Legacy
Peggy A. Bulger   626

Audio Archiving for 100 Years and Longer: Once We Decide What to Save, How Should We Do It?
H. M. Gladney   628


AES-3id-2001 (Revision of AES-3id-1995) AES information document for digital audio engineering - Transmission of AES3 formatted data by unbalanced coaxial cable   638

AES Standards Committee News   657
New York meetings; digital interfaces; room modeling; microphones

Standards and Standards Committee Projects Related to Digital Libraries   663


Preserving Our Musical Heritage: A Musician's Outreach to Audio Engineers
Mickey Hart   667

The Jack Mullin/Bill Palmer Tape Restoration Project
Richard L. Hess   671

Forward into the Past-Protecting Our Musical Heritage: An Architecture Guide for the Music Community
James Fleming   675

111th Convention Preview, New York   680
Calendar   682
Exhibitors   684
Exhibit Previews   688

Updates and Corrections to the 2000/2001 International Sections Directory   710

Education News   716

112th Convention, Munich, Call for Papers   720

AES 21st International Conference, St. Petersburg, Russia, Call for Papers   721

AES 22nd International Conference, Espoo, Finland, Call for Papers   722


News of the Sections   711

Sound Track   717

Upcoming Meetings   717

Available Literature   718

Membership Information   723

Advertiser Internet Directory   726

Sections Contacts Directory   730

AES Conventions and Conferences   736

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2001 July/August, Vol 49 Number 7/8

spine: 2001 July/August, Vol 49 Number 7/8

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