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2001 January/February, Vol 49 Number 1/2



A Simple Loudspeaker Array and Associated Crosstalk Canceler for Improved 3D Audio
Jerry Bauck   3

A modified short-baseline array comprising horizontally distributed multiway driver configurations combined with particular imaging filters substantially enlarges the listening sweet spot over earlier methods. The technique is especially well suited to applications that use a television or video monitor. It further provides an alternative to the conventional stereophonic loudspeaker pair and front loudspeakers in multichannel and home theater applications.

Free-Field Equivalent Localization of Virtual Audio
Russell L. Martin, Ken I. McAnally, and Melis A. Senova   14

Virtual audio localization information has the potential advantage to be used in situations where accurate spatial information offers environmental operating enhancements. The authors have evaluated a system's effectiveness by comparing virtual to free-field localization performance across a wide range of sound- source locations. Virtual location identification was found to be as effective as free-field localization, as measured by the front/back confusion rate and average localization error.

A New Approach to the Automatic Recognition of Musical Recordings
C. Papaodysseus, G. Roussopoulos, D. Fragoulis, Th. Panagopoulos, and C. Alexiou   23

A method for comparing and identifying musical themes has been devised in which the music is separated into 48 frequency bands, and from which amplitude vectors are generated. These vectors are compared to those appearing in similar music recordings to determine their degree of similarity. The system requires a great deal of computer power; the authors propose to perform the comparison operations in parallel to reduce the computation time sufficiently so the system can perform in real time. The claim is that the system's identification accuracy is better than 85% in its comparison of musical recordings.


Digital Filters for Low-Frequency Equalization
Marni Tyril, Jan Abildgaard Pedersen, and Per Rubak   36

Several types of high-resolution digital filters for use in the low-frequency audio range are studied and compared to determine their overall effectiveness. Several design types were examined and modified in an effort to optimize the filter design, with the additional requirement that the filter performance be inherently stable. The results showed that the IIR filters were the most computationally effective design for small filter orders.


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2001 January/February, Vol 49 Number 1/2

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