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2008 January/February - Volume 56 Number 1/2


Objective Measurement of Perceived Auditory Quality in Multichannel Audio Compression Coding Systems (PDF-980KB) (HI-RES PDF-6.8MB)  
Inyong Choi, Barbara G. Shinn-Cunningham, Sang Bae Chon, and Koeng-Mo Sung    3
An objective method that predicts perceived audio quality in multichannel compression coding systems is described. This method, which takes into account degradation in both spatial and timbral quality, extends previous approaches by incorporating a binaural hearing model. Spatial quality uses three interaural distortions metrics: time difference, level difference, and cross-correlation coefficient. Timbral quality uses 10 nonspatial statistics. Predictions of perceived quality are comparable or better than other models.  

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Control of Synthesized Vibrato during Portamento Musical Pitch Transitions (PDF-992KB) (HI-RES PDF-8.9MB)  
Robert C. Maher    18
Vocal vibrato, a naturally occurring pitch oscillation in singing, requires careful analysis in the vicinity of portamento transitions from one pitch to another. Measurements show that singers manage to align pitch transitions to the natural shape of the vibrato cycle. Vibrato continuity is preferred to timing accuracy. Although singers do not report being conscious of this subtlety, the characteristic is quite consistent. These results show that in order to mimic natural vocal vibrato, a vocal synthesizer must synchronize the main pitch transition and the phase of the vibrato oscillator.  

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A New HRTF Interpolation Approach for Fast Synthesis of Dynamic Environmental Interaction (PDF-438KB) (HI-RES PDF-1.9MB)  
Fakheredine Keyrouz and Klaus Diepold    28
In order to achieve a realistic rendering of moving sound sources and changes in listener position with real-time virtual auditory spaces, a very dense grid of head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) is required for interpolation. A new binaural interpolation algorithm based on a block Loewner matrix is proposed to avoid artifacts with dynamic changes in the HRTF. Compared to existing algorithms, the new method is both accurate and efficient. Subjective tests were used to verify the technique.  

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Nonlinear Intermodulation of Two Coherent Acoustic Progressive Waves Emitted by a Wide-Bandwidth Loudspeaker (PDF-426KB) (HI-RES PDF-2.8MB)  
Guy Lemarquand and Michel Bruneau    36
The usual assumption that air provides a linear medium for sound propagation is not valid at high intensities. An analytic procedure and experimental measurements show that when two harmonic waves propagate, an intermodulation phenomenon appears because nonlinear acoustic phenomena occur in fluid media. Regardless of the quality of the loudspeaker, high-fidelity sound reproduction is theoretically impossible with high particle velocity.  

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AES Standards Committee News (PDF-180KB)    45
Special report on wide-area synchronization; carriage of MPEG Surround in AES3; Amendment 5 to AES3; forensic use of electric-network frequency analysis; file-size extension for Broadcast Wave (BWF) files; loudspeaker modeling and measurement  
Understanding Sigma–Delta Modulation: The Solved and Unsolved Issues (PDF-1.6MB) (HI-RES PDF-6.0MB)   Joshua D. Reiss    49
DSP in Loudspeakers (PDF-1.9MB)    Francis Rumsey    65
Anatomy of the Soundscape: Evolving Perspectives (PDF-1.3MB)    Bernie Krause    73
34th Conference, Seoul, Call for Papers (PDF-34KB)    102
125th Convention, San Francisco, Call for Papers (PDF-38KB)    103
News of the Sections (PDF-884KB)    81
Upcoming Meetings (PDF-72KB)    85
Sound Track (PDF-70KB)    87
New Products and Developments (PDF-50KB)    88
Membership Information (PDF-246KB)    89
Advertiser Internet Directory (PDF-92KB)    94
In Memoriam (PDF-50KB)    100
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