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2006 November - Volume 54 Number 11


Multiple-Loudspeaker Playback of Stereo Signals (PDF-695KB) (HI-RES PDF-6.7MB)  
Christof Faller    1051
In order to avoid the legacy of the implied loudspeaker configuration for traditional stereo signals, they can be decomposed into virtual sources. Such spatial decomposition allows a resynthesis to match to a new loudspeaker configuration, especially with additional front loudspeakers. Uncorrelated signal components, corresponding to ambiance, drive the side loudspeakers. Subjective tests illustrate that listeners prefer the new system not only when outside of the sweet spot, but also at the sweet spot.  

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Structural and Acoustic Analysis of Multiactuator Panels (PDF-676KB) (HI-RES PDF-10.0MB)  
Martin Kuster, Diemer de Vries, Daniel Beer, and Sandra Brix    1065
The requirement of a large number of loudspeakers for wavefield synthesis can be achieved using transducers composed of panels with multiple actuators. The proposed transducers are flat, lightweight sandwich panels driven by an array of exciters. Ideally, each exciter should generate a well-defined point source of radiation. Using a vibrometer, it was shown that the influence of neighboring exciters and panel edges are minimal. Large damping losses, which are critical for making multiple exciters independent, were found to be appropriate for this application. A single panel is a viable alternative for an array of conventional loudspeakers.  

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Synthesis and Implementation of Virtual Bass System with the Phase-Vocoder Approach (PDF-723KB) (HI-RES PDF-17.6MB)  
Mingsian R. Bai and Wan-Chi Lin    1077
Small multimedia loudspeakers and handheld players cannot reproduce low frequencies without also creating nonlinear distortion that results when overdriving their limited dynamic range. However, the human auditory system can extrapolate missing low-frequency fundamentals from higher overtones, so-called residual pitch, thereby creating the impression of the missing bass. Using a phase vocoder, low-frequency components are used to create three overtones to simulate the loudness of the missing component. Subjective tests showed that this approach produced better timbral quality than the traditional approach of nonlinear processing of low frequencies to generate bass sensation.  

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Validation of ITU-T P.563 Single-Ended Objective Speech Quality Measurement (PDF-214KB) (HI-RES PDF-2.3MB)  
Antti Kurituu    1092
Assessing the audio quality of telecommunication networks using the P.563 standard, which does not require access to the original signal, offers the advantage of simplicity, efficiency, and objectivity. This study examines the relationship of the P.563 metric to the corresponding results obtained from subjective listening tests. Unfortunately, although showing the correct trends, P.563 metric presents results on a compressed scale compared to the subjective quality range, thereby greatly reducing its utility in evaluating narrow-band telephony applications presented in the paper. Refinements to P.563 are required when assessing speech quality.  

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AES Standards Committee News (PDF-117KB)    1099
AES53 sample-accurate timing; storage and handling of media; digital library and archive systems; audio metadata; microphone measurement; digital audio measurement; audio-file exchange  
Using Game-Audio Tools to Build Audio Research Applications (PDF-761KB) (HI-RES PDF-8.4MB)    1102
Preventing Hearing Loss (PDF-318KB) (HI-RES PDF-10.3MB)    1109
32nd Conference, Hiller��d, Call for Papers (PDF-94KB)    1127
News of the Sections (PDF-220KB)    1114
Upcoming Meetings (PDF-224KB)    1117
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