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2005 September - Volume 53 Number 9


Directional Measurement of Airborne Sound Transmission Paths Using a Spherical Microphone Array (PDF-548KB)  
Bradford N. Gover    787
A spherical microphone array with its narrow beam can be used as a measurement tool to isolate sound leakage between adjoining rooms. Finding weak spots in the separating walls provides a diagnostic means for improving sound isolation. Such weak spots as slits and partial holes were identified in both controlled laboratory situations and real buildings. Minor defects of only a few decibels could be detected.  

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Decomposition of Impulse Responses Using Complex Wavelets (PDF-538KB)  
S. J. Loutridis    796
The continuous wavelet transform converts a one-dimensional audio signal into a two-dimensional presentation, thereby providing more insight into its time-frequency structure. It is especially well suited for the analysis of transient signals. By optimizing the bandwidth of the wavelet filter bank, the impulse response of a loudspeaker, or a room, reveals resonances, coloration, and other problems that would otherwise be hidden. The wavelet transform can be used for envelope extraction, calculation of instantaneous frequency, and power spectral density.  

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Optimal Design and Synthesis of Reverberators with a Fuzzy User Interface for Spatial Audio (PDF-374KB)  
Mingsian R. Bai and Ganyuan Bai    812
Reverberator architectures, even when capable of achieving high quality, often have dozens of parameters that must be hand adjusted in order to create natural sounding space. To minimize the effort of trial and error in parameter tuning, an automatic search procedure based on genetic algorithms is recommended. A fuzzy logic and graphic user interface was also developed to facilitate users in selecting their favorite room sound. Subjective tests confirmed the quality of the resulting reverberation.  

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Evaluation of Iterative Methods for Wavetable Matching (PDF-175KB)  
Simon Wun and Andrew Horner    826
The noniterative approach to wavetable matching produces good results but the computation grows exponentially, whereas the iterative approach is less robust while computation only grows linearly. Several new iterative methods are proposed in order to achieve better quality without excessive computation. This paper describes wavetable matching using iterative enumeration, iterative local search, and seeded iterative local search. Results confirm that there are numerous near optimal wavetable matches.  

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AES Standards Committee News (PDF-98KB)    836
High-performance serial bus (IEEE 1394); Internet audio quality; forensic audio; loudspeaker measurement and modeling; acoustics and sound-source modeling  
26th Conference Report, Denver (PDF-11.4MB)    838
Digital Music Notation Formats (PDF-311KB)    849
120th Convention, Paris, Call for Papers (PDF-84KB)    880
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Sound Track (PDF-173KB)    863
New Products and Developments (PDF-140KB)    865
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