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2005 May - Volume 53 Number 5


Effect of Noise and Transducer Variability on the Performance of Circular Microphone Arrays (PDF-806KB)  
M. A. Poletti    371
As a low-cost alternative for three-dimensional microphone arrays, circular arrays are appropriate for analyzing room acoustics, recording live sound fields, and providing teleconferencing applications. The ideal performance of such arrays is limited by additive noise and transducer variability. These two effects are quantitatively examined for the simple case of incident plane waves. The effective signal-to-noise ratio depends on the frequency, the area of the array, and the density of microphones. Variations in phase among microphones produce high-order polar response errors at low frequencies.  

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The Active Listening Room: A Novel Approach to Early Reflection Manipulation in Critical Listening Rooms (PDF-874KB)  
Amber Naqvi and Francis Rumsey    385
Rather than trying to change the natural acoustics of a space, adding active panels and loudspeakers creates an active listening area within an existing space. Simulations using a computer-based acoustic design package determine the required parameters for creating the target space. This approach is more flexible than standardized reference listening rooms. In effect, the acoustics of a small region within a large space is being controlled.  

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Audible Noise Suppression with a Real-Time Broad-Band and Superdirective Microphone Array (PDF-1.0MB)  
Jose-Luis Sanchez-Bote, Joaquin Gonzalez-Rodriguez, and Javier Ortega-Garcia    403
By extending algorithms used for noise suppression from a single microphone to a 15-microphone nested linear array, extra spatial information then contributes additional noise reduction. This extra information  

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Low-DC-Resistance, Low-Frequency Loudspeaker Enclosures (PDF-839KB)  
Carlo Zuccatti    419
By using loudspeaker drives with low voice-coil resistance, the sensitivity near resonance can be significantly increased. However at frequencies far from resonances, an additional passive filter provides safe impedance to the amplifier. The combination improves the sensitivity and power output in low-frequency enclosures. This approach has an extra degree of freedom not normally found with such enclosures.  

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Shielding; high-resolution multichannel audio interconnection (HRMAI); metadata  
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