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2005 March - Volume 53 Number 3


Vertical Localization of Sound from Multiway Loudspeakers (PDF-552KB)  
Sam Ferguson and Densil Cabrera    163
While most loudspeaker designers are concerned with localization in the horizontal plane, perceived vertical location usually does not receive sufficient attention. When synchronous and asynchronous noise bands at high and low frequencies are presented, the vertical locations of each signal are not necessarily aligned. Moreover, the location of the high-frequency band tends to dominate the location of the low-frequency band when both are simultaneously present.  

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Comparison of Basic Audio Quality and Timbral and Spatial Fidelity Changes Caused by Limitation of Bandwidth and by Down-Mix Algorithms in 5.1 Surround Audio Systems (PDF-386KB)  
Slawomir K. Zielinski, Francis Rumsey, Rafael Kassier, and Søren Bech    174
When there is inadequate channel bandwidth to transmit full high-quality audio in multiple surround channels, spatial fidelity should be sacrificed. Mixing down multiple channels to a smaller number is preferred over limiting the bandwidth of all channels. Timbral quality is a more important contributor to basic audio quality than spatial quality in the context of modern home cinema systems.  

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Intercomparison Measurements of Room Acoustical Parameters and Measures for Speech Intelligibility in a Room with a Sound System (PDF-379KB)  
Kurt Eggenschwiler and Rainer Machner    193
The qualitative control of specifications for sound systems and rooms is becoming more and more important. But what is the uncertainty of the related acoustics measurements? Intercomparison measurements showed that the standard deviations were often within the region of the perception thresholds. Achieving consistent results may depend on such factors as better training of acousticians.  

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Wavetable Synthesis Strategies for Mobile Devices (PDF-314KB)  
Robert C. Maher    205
Unlike the design choices made for wavetable synthesis of music, strategies for customized ring tones in cell phones and pagers require a different optimization. In this application: higher levels of compression are needed; memory storage is limited; and compute power is sparse. However, by careful selection of the sample set and its representation during encoding, a new strategy achieves 12-bit performance with up to 50% compression.  

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Audio over IEEE 1394; Internet audio quality; analog recording; transfer technologies; storage and handling of media; digital library and archive systems; forensic audio; sound source modeling; loudspeaker measurement; grounding and EMC practices (PDF-104KB)    214
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