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2005 December - Volume 53 Number 12


Spatial Impulse Response Rendering I: Analysis and Synthesis (PDF-377KB)  
Juha Merimaa and Ville Pulkki    1115
A new processing technique, called spatial impulse response rendering, allows a measured room response to be reproduced using an arbitrary multichannel loudspeaker system. An intermediate representation based on perceptually motivated attributes was derived from the microphone signals-such as from a B-format microphone-and using a convolving reverberator, this representation was then transformed into the loudspeaker signals of the specified configuration. This analysis-synthesis approach used psychophysical rather than physical accuracy. Based on energy analysis, the time-dependent direction of arrival and diffuseness of the room response was analyzed within frequency bands.  

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Perception of Modal Distribution Metrics in Critical Listening Spaces-Dependence on Room Aspect Ratios (PDF-299KB)  
B. M. Fazenda, M. R. Avis, and W. J. Davies    1128
To minimize the influence of low-frequency resonances in small listening rooms that are used for monitoring, designers sometimes optimize the aspect ratio to control the location of resonances. Such optimizations are based on a figure of merit that considers the modal distribution of resonances. Using three virtual rooms, which scored at the extremes of these metrics, the utility of these metrics was examined. The results showed that ranking of rooms was misleading because of a strong dependence on spectral content of the program material. Regardless of the statistics of modal resonances, if the program excited a resonance, it was perceived.  

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Artificial Reverberation Control Using Cepstrum Decomposition While Maintaining Locations of Peaks and Dips on the Frequency Responses (PDF-470KB)  
Yoshinori Takahashi and Mikio Tohyama    1142
Rendering and morphing the room reverberation characteristics is a key component for modeling acoustic events in a virtual space. Rather than use the typical techniques for changing the response, the authors propose a modification of a reference response as a means for changing spatial properties. By increasing or decreasing the peaks and valleys in the frequency response, the effective reverberation time in a given frequency band is correspondingly modified. Hence, the personality of the room is preserved even as the response is morphed.  

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Subjective Testing of Compression Drivers (PDF-190KB)  
Earl R. Geddes, Lidia W. Lee, and Roberto Magalotti    1152
Although it is known that compression drivers produce both linear and nonlinear distortion, engineers assume that both of these degradations are audible and must therefore be minimized. However, a double-blind subjective test showed that listeners could not detect nonlinear distortion. Rather, only linear distortions (differences in frequency response) were significant. This unexpected result has implications for designers who are maximizing perceived quality while minimizing manufacturing cost.  

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AES Standards Committee News (PDF-182KB)    1163
Forensic audio; digital audio in ATM networking; ATM over Ethernet; digital audio measurements;  
27th Conference Report, Hillerød, Denmark (PDF-1.4MB)    1166
119th Convention Report, New York (PDF-1.9MB)    1174
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28th Conference, Piteå, Sweden, Call for Papers (PDF-83KB)    1267
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