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B&W Group Ltd. - DSP Engineer

Posted On: 2021-2-9
Location: Southwater, Horsham UK

Position Summary:

  • Working as part of the "Active Product Development Team" - This team is responsible for all aspects of active product development; overseeing industrial design, mechanical design, Acoustics, Transducer design, electronics, DSP etc. right through to manufacturing.
  • Product development requires a fast-accurate pace and tight deadlines. - This role is to support the teams existing DSP engineers in taking products to market.
  • The DSP Engineer requires a cross-discipline engineering skillset covering software and hardware research and development.
  • The main goals of the role are to: Support the tuning process and validate and sign off the final release data. Design, maintain, and implement core audio DSP algorithms and control software.Confirm and insure QoS of the inter-chip communication (i2c, i2s TDM etc.) at numerous hardware build stages throughout a project cycle.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Tuning Team support - The creation of both the underlying DSP core framework for each project and the user-facing tuning script to control the DSP code. Once these two frameworks are in place and tested, they are handed over to the tuning team. The Development DSP engineer is then responsible for on-going maintenance as required.
  • Software Release - Once the team has a DSP release image, the Development DSP engineer is responsible for the testing, documenting, release and signing off the code.
  • Hardware Testing - The Development DSP engineer is responsible for board level and system testing the relative Electronic at each stage of a project build, to ensure and sign off on system validate.
  • Algorithm Development - The Development DSP engineer is responsible for the bring-in and sign-off of any new algorithms into to the development process, this may be either from self-driven research or integration of Algorithms for other team members.
  • Systems improvement - The Development DSP engineer is responsible for the constant integration of new ideas and processes to improve the DSP development system.
  • Hardware selection - The Development DSP engineer is responsible for supporting the hardware, therefore there is a level of responsibility in hardware selection.

Travel - some of these duties will involve travel to support a world-wide team and external suppliers .

Essential Requirements:

  • Bachelors/Masters degree in a relevant field.
  • Experience within the audio industry.
  • Knowledge of audio signal processing with theoretical and real-time DSP experience.
  • Understanding of fundamental DSP ideals: Filter theory, sample theory, ADC/DACs. Etc.
  • Experience designing, developing, maintaining and debugging signal processing algorithms.
  • Experience with Embedded DSP code (C or similar)
  • Experience with prototyping and scripting languages (MATLAB, Python, Bash)
  • Experience with DSP design and signal flow.
  • Experience operating electronic test equipment such as audio analysers, oscilloscopes, multimeters, etc.


  • Experience working in a Linux or Unix development environment.
  • Experience with assembly language for real-time audio processing.
  • Ability to read and understand electronics schematics and layouts.
  • Familiarity with real-time audio prototyping tools such as Max/MSP.
  • Familiarity with sound recording/editing software tools, audio measurement tools.
  • Experience of software version control: Git, SVN.

How to Apply:

Please send a CV and covering letter to:

Please mention AES001419 when applying for this position.

About B&W Group Ltd.

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B&W Group Ltd. was founded in 1966 and is based in Worthing, UK. They conduct research into acoustics and design, manufacture, and distribute loudspeaker systems for the domestic and professional markets. B&W Group companies also distribute Rotel, Classé, and i-Command brand products throughout Europe, North America, and China.

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