About the Audio Engineering Society
About the Audio Engineering Society

Membership Classification and Options

A Member may be anyone active in audio engineering or acoustics who has an academic degree or the equivalent in scientific or professional experience in audio engineering and its allied arts and is familiar with the application of engineering principles and data in that field.

An Associate Member may be anyone who has an interest in audio engineering and in the society objectives, but who does not yet have the degree or the equivalent in professional experience required of a Member. Associate membership includes all the privileges except voting, holding office or chairmanships, although they can serve on a professional section committee.

A Student Member may be anyone interested in audio who is enrolled in a recognized school, college or university. As with Associate Members, Student Members may not vote or serve on committees except in a local student section or as part of the Student Delegate Assembly.

In 2003, the AES announced the development of the online version of the AES Journal, in addition to the printed version. This new service is being offered as a result of the significant feedback the Society received from the membership regarding the availability of online publications. All members will have the right to access the online Journal as part of their membership. A sample copy of the Online Journal can be viewed here.

While many members will still prefer the printed Journal, the online Journal will allow them to see and download papers and articles without having to wait for the printed version to arrive in the mail. Some members may choose to subscribe to only the online version of the Journal (without printed Journal), in which case USD 50 will be deducted from the membership dues.

Using the online Journal will be simple. A user name and password, which can be requested at the same time as completing the On-line Membership Application Form, will be used to access the online Journal.

Membership Rates:

  Online and Printed Journal   Online Journal Only
Member / Associate Member   USD 140   USD 90
Student Member   USD 85   USD 35

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