About the Audio Engineering Society
About the Audio Engineering Society

Activities of the AES

The Journal, due in large part to the widening scope of the society itself, brings its readers increasingly varied and timely papers on all aspects of audio. Many of the papers accepted for publication in the Journal have been presented in an earlier form at AES technical meetings. Most Journal issues include a paper which introduces readers to areas of audio technology which may be outside their normal field of expertise. Other Journal sections give intensive coverage to: news of AES sections around the world; conventions and other society activities; standards and AES Education Committee work; membership, patents, new products, and newsworthy developments in the industry.

Conventions are held annually in the U.S. and Europe. The sites chosen for these meetings are in, or close to high-density membership areas affording large groups of members the opportunity of attending. Each meeting has valuable educational opportunities, including a full program of technical papers, seminars and workshops covering current research and new concepts and applications. An integral part of each convention is a comprehensive exhibit of professional equipment.

Copies of many papers read at conventions, a number of which are subsequently published in the AES Journal, are available at nominal cost at these meetings and thereafter by mail. Information contained in papers from the year 1957 is available, either in original form or photocopy. Paper lists may be obtained from Headquarters upon request.

AES Papers Database Search through the AES Papers Database Search and Shop Utility and order papers from conventions 1 through 125 using the AES Secure Transaction facility.

AES Sections serve members in 41 concentrated geographic areas throughout the world. Sections in Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, Mexico, South America, and the United States hold local meetings regularly for the dissemination of the most current audio information. Liberal interchange of section meeting data keeps all sections abreast of new developments internationally. This give-and- take among sections is vital to an informed worldwide membership and offers a distinct advantage to those industry personnel who are members. AES members within the area of a particular section automatically receive notice of such meetings. The sections also provide fertile ground for developing new officers of the society through service at the local level.

Special Publications are developed as required to reflect the new directions the industry is constantly taking. The Cumulative Index of AES Journal articles is issued every five years. An ongoing program of Anthologies of selected Journal and Conference papers in significant subject areas now includes volumes on Loudspeakers, Sound Reinforcement, Microphones, Disk Recording, Time-Delay Spectrometry, Spatial Sound, and Digital Audio. The papers on Digital Audio have become worldwide references unequaled by anything else in print today.

Technical standards are continually being developed under the auspices of the society. Many of them have since been accepted by international standards organizations as the model for their standards on the same material. This activity helps to keep the AES and its members at the technological forefront of the audio industry.

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