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New Application Deadline - September 15th


The main student activity of the 4th AES Latin-American Conference will be the student recording competition. All AES Latin American section student members are eligible to compete. To participate in the 4th AES Latin-American Conference Recording Competition in Bogota, Colombia (Oct 2-4, 2010), all electronic recording entries must be received by September 10th, 2010. 




General Information about the Recording Competition  


Submitted recordings are forwarded to the judges during the month of September, allowing them the opportunity to evaluate the recordings in a listening environment of their choice.  The judges will send their evaluations to the Competition Committee, who will total their opinions and determine the three finalists for each category.  The finalists will then be announced by the end of September.  The three finalists will then be asked to make a short (5 minutes maximum) presentation describing their recording setup and procedure.  These presentations shall occur during the recording competition sessions at the convention in front of an audience of convention attendees and the judging panel.  We ask that finalists include in their presentation a few PowerPoint (or equivalent) slides with pictures or diagrams of the setup.  The judges will then be given an opportunity to give comments and ask questions of the participant prior to making their final decision.  




Notes regarding the electronic entry format - Please read carefully  


Entrants are required to fill out an entry form online.  Afterwards, they are required to upload their entry to our server electronically, using the upload application that will appear on the page following submission of the entry form. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time using the "Contact Us" link at the top of the screen.






 - Stereo - Classical 

 - Stereo - Pop / Rock 

 - Stereo - Folklore

 - Surround - Classical and Non-Classical Music

 - Surround - Sound design and mix for film




Format for electronic submission


The file format for stereo categories shall be a WAV file at 24 bit and 44.1 kHz, clearly labeled with the category and AES member number, for example PopRock_99999.wav.  Please compress the audio file as a ZIP archive prior to uploading. 


For the surround audio files, the file format is 5 multiple-mono (or 6 in the case of 5.1) WAV files at 24 bit and 48 kHz, clearly labeled as L, R, C, Lsurr, Rsurr, and LFE with AES member number on each audio file name. For example, L_SurrMusic_99999.wav, R_ClassicalSurr_99999.wav, etc.  The order of the multiple mono files is not as important as the labels. The audio files need to be placed into a folder and the folder compressed into a ZIP archive prior to uploading. Please note that a low frequency or 0.1 track is not required for entrance into this competition.  


Please do not write your name or section on the file in order to assist in keeping your entry anonymous as far as the judging is concerned.  Your AES member number will be used to identify each entry.


Please ensure all submitted files have been verified for data integrity and playback compatibility.  If a file cannot be played or has artifacts, it may be disqualified from the competition.


Submissions should be no longer than 5 minutes in length, at which point the judges will cease playback.






All entrants must be currently registered as a student at an educational institution or have graduated within the past year. In order to be eligible to compete, the entrant MUST be present at the convention. All submitted recordings must have been completed while the entrant was a student.



Link to the server for submissions


Please use the below Java based uploader to send us your recording competition entry. Simply drag and drop the file into the uploader and click the large green arrow button to start the upload.

You must use the following file naming convention: (or .wav) where membernumber is your AES membership number, and "category" is the category of your entry as follows: poprock, folklore, classical, surroundmusic, surroundforfilm. As an example, a student entering the Pop / Rock  category with membership number 12345 would name the file as Please also name individual surround files similarly, with channel designations included (L, R, Ls, Rs, C, LFE), and upload a given surround recording as one ZIP file encompassing all 5 or 6 audio channels. In other words each surround recording should be uploaded as a single ZIP file that includes all the appropriate audio files for that particular track.

Please ensure that your upload is successful by noting a green checkmark in the upper left corner of the file icon in the below uploader, and that there are no yellow warning icons on your file.

Note that the uploader may take a moment to load, and might require you to click on "Trust" to accept the application into your browser.


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