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The 2019 High School Audio Educators Conference Program

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A special thank you to our Audio Playground Presenters. 

These were engaging, hands-on, poster sessions that enriched the HSAE2019 experience:

David Bickel 

Associate Executive Director, Music & Youth Initiative 

Mobile Recording Studio

Irving Aguirre

Mathematics, Spanish, and Audio Instructor (

A Mathematical Composition of Microphone Polar Patterns

Brian Warwick

Assistant Professor/ Northern Vermont University- Lyndon

Pedagogy of Pitch Correction Software

Bradford Swanson

Independent Engineer and Educator

Building Recording Skills with Limited Technological Resources




Elizabeth Guglielmo, Director of Music for NYC Schools

Keynote Address: Supporting Audio Education in Our Schools


Mike Lawson, Executive Director of TI:ME

Will be giving a presentation From Past to Future: Timeline of Music Technology Education


Mike Lawson presents a historical timeline of the use of technology in music education over the past 25 years since the founding of TI:ME, and looks at where the next decade may take us.











Justin Zullo, Lecturer, Northwestern School of Communication

Will be giving a presentation about his experiences teaching music production in the Chicago juvenile justice system


In this presentation, Justin will reflect on his work with AMPED(Arts and Music Programs for Education in Detention Centers), a Northwestern University program that brings digital music production classes to incarcerated teens at the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center (JTDC) in Chicago, IL. Similar to prisons, detention centers are designed to isolate, discipline, and suppress. By creating healing spaces of creativity through music making and sound recording, AMPED seeks to unsettle aspects of this rigidity and nurture collaborations between JTDC residents and staff, Northwestern students, and local teaching artists. Justin will highlight the program’s core teaching philosophies, share work from past students, and ruminate on the complex challenges of teaching in detention. In sum, this presentation will offer a space to think through and discuss sound-based approaches to teaching in relationship to the problem of youth incarceration in Chicago and beyond.

Gerry Fabris, Museum Curator, Thomas Edison National Historical Park

Presentation & Demo: "The Intersection of Art and Technology & Live Wax Cyliner Recording Session"

 Thomas Edison National Historical Park's Museum Curator Jerry Fabris will demonstrate sound recording and reproduction in its most basic form, using an Edison wax cylinder phonograph from 1909. Watch as an acoustical horn funnels sound onto a small diaphragm in the phonograph’s recorder. Using no electricity, waves of air pressure power the movement of a small knife that cuts a record in wax. After recording, we’ll listen to the playback and hear how the sound has “aged” 110 years!



Bobby Owsinski, Producer, Author, Coach

Presentation: "Crafting an Online Presence for Teen Audio Educators"










Vince Genualdi, Educator, Saint Viator High School



Presentation: "Cover Song Creation Through Technology and Informal Music Education" Times are a changin' and so should our approach to teaching music. This session covers the exploration of Lucy Green's Informal Music Learning Principles in a high school Digital Music and Production course. Come learn how to facilitate the creation of cover songs with current technology to develop the musicianship and production skills of our students.








Ty Boyland, Producer, Youth Mentor

Presentation: "Gain Staging For Life" 


Gain staging is about balance, creating space and prioritizing. My youth understand quickly that having a plan for their mixes/lives, equates to more times than not having a better end result. Small steps lead to huge improvements over time. 

Gain staging teaches recognizing strengths and opportunities. When we have conflict within the low end, frequencies fighting for the space, like life, healthy conflict doesn’t have to end in chaos. When we learn to make room and take room, we begin to work as a unit (like kick and bass).

My approach to teach modern music production and audio as a whole is built on the foundation that, being a better musician doesn’t make you a better person, but being a better person IS music in and of itself. My kids are learning transferable skills in my classes that they can use in any career field. 





Rene Dongo, Radio Station Manager, ZUMIX




Presentation: "Stepping Stones: Pathways to creative audio making in an after school program"

ZUMIX is a nonprofit organization dedicated to personal, community, professional and artistic development in youth. Through a diverse array of programs we offer multiple entry points to exposure to audio technology. This presentation will explore two of those fronts: live sound and audio storytelling.





Wayne Splettstoezer, Director of Instrumental Music/Tech. at Torrington High School, Torrington, CT

Eric Nunes, Teacher, Instructional Tech. Coach @ Rahm High School, Hebron, CT

Presentation: Wayne and Eric will offer pointers, tips and tricks to starting and maintaining a robust and exciting audio program in a high school. Their combined experience building curriculum, sourcing technology, and marketing for their programs will provide an excellent roadmap for any band director looking to start, or enhance a high school audio program.

Meaghan O'Connor-Vince, Music Teacher, Barnstable Public Schools

Presentation: "Hip Hop in the Music Classroom Using MusicFirst Software" 


How to effectively use Hip-Hop and MusicFirst as tools to teach students listening skills, composition, analysis and evaluation of music, sequencing, recording, and basic production techniques. This presentation provides a Hip-Hop composition unit with descriptions of lessons, resources, rubrics, and general student directions intended to produce tangible and authentic assessments of student learning for each project/song.





Crystal Bi-Wegner, Visual Art and Sound Art & Recording Teacher at Boston Public Schools

Workshop: "Foley Art in Boston Public High Schools" 

This workshop will explore teaching foley art in a high school classroom. Participants will make their own "instruments" using contact mics and record live sound effects which will be added to a silent film clip. Curriculum for a sound design for film unit will be discussed.







Gabe Herman, Professor of Music Industry, The Hartt School, The University of Hartford

Wayne Splettstoezer, Director of Instrumental Music/Tech. at Torrington High School, Torrington, CT


Presentation: What are the career pathways that can come from including this topic in a high school audio curriculum? In this conversation, Wayne will discuss how he has integrated conversations about copyright, licensing, distribution and marketing into his regular program. Gabe will discuss how his work with high school students in the Music Industry Summer Program has sparked an interest the business-side of the industry and, for some, led high school students to apply to college degree programs in Music Production & Technology and Music and Performing Arts Management at the Hartt School. 



 Daniel Fox, Teen Audio Educator and Owner/Consultant at Wondersmith Audio

"Youth Development Through Instrument and Equipment Maintence"

You can build a culture of equipment care amongst teens that has benefits for your program and facility while achieving educational and youth development outcomes. We'll discuss how to get started, projects, and curriculum












 John DiTomaso, Music Technology Teacher, Arlington School District, MA

Presentation Title: "Success With Mixed Level Classrooms" Strategies for creating a successful multi level music production classroom. Whether you are facing the challenges of mixed grades, mixed abilities and experience or even mixed curriculum in one classroom, this session will provide practical solutions and principles based on over ten years of modifying instructional design to meet the needs of all students in very diverse classrooms.

Q & A will provide opportunities to brainstorm and formulate ideas for getting the most from your classroom challenges.










Owen Curtin, Music Technology Teacher, Concord Carlisle High School, Concord, MA

Presentation Title: "A Case Study of a High School Recording Studio"


Jarritt Sheel, Assistant Professor of Music Education, Berklee College of Music

Workshop: The Audio Playground - A community space where invited high school instructors can show off audio instructional techniques, programs, and resources. Everyone walks away with something new to consider incorporating into their high school audio curriculum!
















Panel Discussions with teen and college educators will cover a wide range of topics including facilities, software, careers in audio, and more!


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