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This page is primarily for historical interest and shows all of the AES conventions and conferences that occurred before our website was created. For further details you can obtain old versions of the Journal of the AES or contact the AES Historical Committee.

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AES Conventions
Past Conventions (Pre-Website)

1997-03 Munich 102nd Convention
1996-11 Los Angeles 101st Convention
1996-05 Copenhagen 100th Convention
1995-10 New York 99th Convention
1995-02 Paris 98th Convention
1994-11 San Francisco 97th Convention
1994-02 Amsterdam 96th Convention
1993-10 New York 95th Convention
1993-03 Berlin 94th Convention
1992-10 San Francisco 93rd Convention
1992-03 Vienna 92nd Convention
1991-10 New York 91st Convention
1991-02 Paris 90th Convention
1990-09 Los Angeles 89th Convention
1990-03 Montreux 88th Convention
1989-10 New York 87th Convention
1989-03 Hamburg 86th Convention
1988-11 Los Angeles 85th Convention
1988-03 Paris 84th Convention
1987-10 New York 83rd Convention
1987-03 London 82nd Convention
1986-11 Los Angeles 81st Convention
1986-03 Montreux 80th Convention
1985-10 New York 79th Convention
1985-05 Anaheim 78th Convention
1985-03 Hamburg 77th Convention
1984-10 New York 76th Convention
1984-03 Paris 75th Convention
1983-10 New York 74th Convention
1983-03 Eindhoven 73rd Convention
1982-10 Anaheim 72nd Convention
1982-03 Montreux 71st Convention
1981-10 New York 70th Convention
1981-05 Los Angeles 69th Convention
1981-03 Hamburg 68th Convention
1980-10 New York 67th Convention
1980-05 Los Angeles 66th Convention
1980-02 London 65th Convention
1979-11 New York 64th Convention
1979-05 Los Angeles 63rd Convention
1979-03 Brussels 62nd Convention
1978-11 New York 61st Convention
1978-05 Los Angeles 60th Convention
1978-02 Hamburg 59th Convention
1977-11 New York 58th Convention
1977-05 Los Angeles 57th Convention
1977-03 Paris 56th Convention
1976-10 New York 55th Convention
1976-05 Los Angeles 54th Convention
1976-03 Zurich 53rd Convention
1975-10 New York 52nd Convention
1975-05 Los Angeles 51st Convention
1975-03 London 50th Convention
1974-09 New York 49th Convention
1974-05 Los Angeles 48th Convention
1974-03 Copenhagen 47th Convention
1973-09 New York 46th Convention
1973-05 Los Angeles 45th Convention
1973-03 Rotterdam 44th Convention
1972-09 New York 43rd Convention
1972-05 Los Angeles 42nd Convention
1972-03 Munich 2nd Central Europe Convention
1971-10 New York 41st Convention
1971-04 Los Angeles 40th Convention
1971-03 Cologne 1st Central Europe Convention
1970-10 New York 39th Convention
1970-05 Los Angeles 38th Convention
1969-10 New York 37th Convention
1969-04 Hollywood 36th Convention
1968-10 New York 35th Convention
1968-04 Hollywood 34th Convention
1967-10 New York 33rd Convention
1967-04 Hollywood 32nd Convention
1966-10 New York 31st Convention
1966-04 Hollywood 13th Spring Convention
1965-10 New York 17th Annual Convention
1965-04 Los Angeles 12th Spring Convention
1964-10 New York 16th Annual Convention
1964-03 Los Angeles 11th Spring Convention
1963-10 New York 15th Annual Convention
1963-03 Los Angeles 10th Spring Convention
1962-10 New York 14th Annual Convention
1962-03 Los Angeles 9th Spring Convention
1961-10 New York 13th Annual Convention
1961-04 Los Angeles 8th Spring Convention
1960-10 New York 12th Annual Convention
1960-07 Los Angeles 7th West Coast Convention
1959-10 New York 11th Annual Convention
1959-02 Los Angeles 6th West Coast Convention
1958-09 New York 10th Annual Convention
1958-03 Los Angeles 5th West Coast Convention
1957-10 New York 9th Annual Convention
1956-09 New York 8th Annual Convention
1956-03 Los Angeles 4th West Coast Convention
1955-10 New York 7th Annual Convention
1955-02 Los Angeles 3rd West Coast Convention
1954-10 New York 6th Annual Convention
1954-02 Los Angeles 2nd West Coast Convention
1953-10 New York 5th Annual Convention
1953-03 Los Angeles 1st West Coast Convention
1952-10 New York 4th Annual Convention
1951-10 New York 3rd Annual Convention
1950-10 New York 2nd Annual Convention
1949-10 New York 1st Annual Convention
AES International Conferences
Past Conferences (Pre-Website)

1997-06 Tokyo 8th Regional, Tokyo
1996-09 Melbourne 6th Regional, Australia
1995-06 Tokyo 7th Regional, Tokyo
1995-04 Sydney 5th Regional, Australia
1994-12 Dallas 13th Int. Conf. Computer-Controlled Sound Systems
1993-08 Melbourne 4th Regional, Australia
1993-06 Copenhagen 12th Int. Conf. The Perception of Reproduced Sound
1993-06 Tokyo 6th Regional, Tokyo
1992-05 Portland 11th Int. Conf. AES Test & Measurement Conference
1991-09 London 10th Int. Conf. Images of Audio
1991-08 Melbourne 3rd Regional, Australia
1991-07 Tokyo 5th Regional, Tokyo
1991-02 Detroit 9th Int. Conf. Television Sound Today and Tomorrow
1990-05 Washington 8th Int. Conf. The Sound of Audio
1989-06 Tokyo 4th Regional, Tokyo
1989-05 Toronto 7th Int. Conf. Audio in Digital Times
1988-08 Melbourne 3rd Regional, Australia
1988-05 Nashville 6th Int. Conf. Sound Reinforcement
1987-06 Tokyo 2nd Regional, Tokyo
1987-05 Los Angeles 5th Int. Conf. Music and Digital Technology
1986-05 Rosemont 4th Int. Conf. Stereo Audio Technology for Television and Video
1985-06 Tokyo 3rd Int. Conf. The Present and Future of Digital Audio
1984-09 Melbourne 1st Regional, Australia
1984-05 Anaheim 2nd Int. Conf. The Art and Technology of Recording
1982-06 Rye 1st Int. Conf. Digital Audio
AES UK Conferences
Past UK Conferences (Pre-Website)

1998-03 London - 13th UK Conf. - Microphones & Loudspeakers
1997-04 London - 12th UK Conf. - The Measure of Audio
1996-03 London - 11th UK Conf. - Audio for New Media
1995-05 London - 10th UK Conf. - DAB (The Future of Radio)
1994-05 London - 9th UK Conf. - Managing the Bit Budget
1993-05 London - 8th UK Conf. - Digital Audio Interchange
1992-09 London - 7th UK Conf. - DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
1992-05 London - 6th UK Conf. - EMC Practicalities
1991-03 London - 5th UK Conf. - Will You Be Legal?
1990-05 London - 4th UK Conf. - Hard Disk Recording
1989-09 London - 3rd UK Conf. - AES/EBU Interface
1989-05 London - 2nd UK Conf. - Sound Reinforcement Engineering
1988-05 London - 1st UK Conf. - Sound with Pictures

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