Events of the Audio Engineering Society
Events of the Audio Engineering Society

AES 8th Regional Convention Program

The AES 8th Regional Convention, Tokyo, Japan
1997 June 25-27
Sunshine City Convention Center, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan

Bridging to the 21st Century Professional Audio Technologies

Highlights of the AES 8th Regional Convention (available at press time)

Invited paper (June 25, Wednesday)
Advanced Internet Audio: Services and Delivery;
Elizabeth Cohen, AES President and President of Cohen Acoustical Inc.

Keynote Speech (June 25, Wednesday)
Problems to be Tackled for the 21st Century Audio
Takeo Yamamoto, Guest Professor of McGill University

DVD Acoustic Disc (June 25, Wednesday)
Discussion of format, premastering, authoring. Sound demonstration included
Internet Broadcasting (June 27, Friday)
Features, prospects and sound demonstration

Papers (June 26-27)
34 papers in 7 categories (see following list)

Professional Equipment Exhibit (June 25-27)
58 exhibitors in 173 booths

Technical Tours
Visit to King Records' Sekiguchidai Studio (June 26, Thursday)
Visit to the ultramodern television studio complex newly built by
Fuji Television Network Inc. (June 27, Friday)

Social Dinner Party (June 25, Wednesday evening)
at Sunshine Prince Hotel

Technical Papers

Sound Production in the NHK CR-601 Virtual Studio
Y. Otsuka, NHK

Multichannel Sound Production
A. Fukada, NHK

High-Precision Sampling Rate Converter for 96-kHz, 24-Bit Sampling Systems
H. Iwamura, Pioneer

Study of Lossless Audio Coding Systems
N. Fuchigami, JVC

Lossless Coding of 1-Bit Audio Signals
Fons Bruekers et al., Philips Research Lab.

Jitter Reduction Techniques for Digital Audio
Tsang Yick Man, Chinese University of Hong Kong

A Digital Combined Limiter/Compressor for Audio Mixing
Luzheg Lu, Studer Professional Audio A.G., French Branch

Signal Processing Technique Utilizing MW-STFT (Multi-Windowed STFT) and Harmonic Sieving
M. Ohnishi, Kogakuin University

Application of First Wave Front Law to Audio–Visual Reception Environment
M. Matsumoto, JVC

Sound Localization Editing System for Headphone Sound Contents
M. Okamoto, NTT Human Interface Lab.

Development of Digital Terrestrial-Wave Sound Receiver
K. Taura, Mitsubishi Electric

Evaluation of Quasi-Surround Mode of Television Receivers
S. Akita, NHK

High-Frequency Compensation in 3-Stage Feedback Amplifier Including an Emitter Follower
T. Kawanishi, Kyoritsu Women's College

DVD-R System
Y. Shimizu, Pioneer

Double-Sided, Two-Layer ROM (DVD-18) Technology and Its Deployment in Professional Audio
K. Nakano, Nippon Columbia

Subjective Evaluation of STI and Clarity in Auditorium Sound System Design
M. Komoda

Noise and Vibration Control Design of the Studio of Omnibus Japan's Tohoku Building
M. Nakahara, Sona Ltd.

Correspondence Between Real Sound Field and Simulation of Sound Field Creation and Localization
K. Osawa, Matsushita Communication

Study of Sound Field Simulation for Studios
T. Shimizu, Nittobo Acoustic Engineering

Study of Digitizing Mixing Console for Auditoriums
M. Inao, Nagata Acoustic

Acoustic Design of Minobe-machi Hall
S. Yamaguchi, JVC

Thin Loudspeaker for Wall-Mount Televisions
M. Suzuki, Mitsubishi Electric

Loudspeaker Unit for Public Address systems
K. Takada, Sony Sound Tech

Large Excursion Small-Size Loudspeaker for Low-Frequency Reproduction
K. Satoh, Matsushita Electric

One-Box Coaxial Loudspeaker System for Auditoriums
T. Yano, Matsushita Electric

Sound System for Winter Outdoor Sports
M. Takeuchi, Matsushita Communication

EMC Design of Multimedia Production Studio
T. Tomita, Sony Music Entertainment

Automatic Focusing Microphone Array and Its Application System
K. Shimizu, NTT Human Interface Lab.

Simplified Construction Method of Crosstalk Canceller
M. Miyoshi, NTT Human Interface Lab.

Acoustical Measurement and Sound Field Improvement Utilizing a Digital Signal Processor
S. Hino, Etani Electronics

Sound Quality Evaluation of MPEG-2 Advanced Audio Coding (AAC)
K. Watanabe, NHK

Measurement of Lip Synching
K. Kurozumi, NHK

Proposed Evaluation Method of Initial Sound Field of Rooms
M. Karatsu, Karasawa Acoustic Design

Auditory Sense Subjected by Physiological Conditions of Body
M. Hagiwara, Kenwood

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