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Call for papers

Call for Papers(PDF)

Proposed Paper Topics

  • Loudspeaker State Monitoring and Protection
    • Driver protection
    • SPL control
    • Fault Diagnostics
  • Adaptive Systems
    • Room Equalization
    • Thermal Compensation
    • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Nonlinear Processing
    • Distortion Reduction
    • Dynamic EQ
    • Nonlinear Perceived Bandwidth Extension
    • Good Distortion
  • Speaker Measurement Techniques
    • Sound Quality Assessment
    • Distortion Characterization
    • Modeling
  • Filter Structures and Design Algorithms
  • Spatial Processing
    • Beam-forming
    • Towards Holophonic Wallpaper – e.g. Wavefield Synthesis
  • Active Transducers
  • New Directions

Submission Schedule

  • 2006 December 15th
    Author’s Website opens at
    Note: Please open an account here as early as possible, so that the organizing committee can monitor interest in real time.
  • 2007 April 10th
    Submission deadline, full paper submission required, 4-10 pages. Guidelines are available at
  • 2007 May 31st
    Authors are informed by e-mail about paper acceptance or requests for revision.
  • 2007 July 10th
    Revised paper deadline.
Knud Bank Christensen
The TC Group
Aarhus, Denmark

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