27th International AES Conference
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Efficient Audio Power Amplification

Linear (Class A/AB/B) amplification has been the standard for power amplification for many decades. During the last ten years, interest in higher efficiency power amplification has increased, particularly in the audio industry. The major driving force has been the need to provide fresh opportunities in audio design with the advantages that higher efficiency potentially offers, for example higher power with increased power density, savings in energy and battery life, potential cost savings and even potential performance improvement in audio reproduction.
The interest in this new field is global and includes all major industrial segments, such as consumer electronics, cars, professional and mobile or portable audio fields. A paradigm shift seems to be on its way.
This conference will present an overview of the current state-of-the-art in a broad perspective and address many of the new scientific disciplines involved in this emerging field. Efficient Audio Power Amplification is in more ways a combination of mixing otherwise complementary scientific fields as power electronics, signal processing, DSP, advanced analogue design, EMC and more. The aim of the conference is thus to address a new, complex and challenging era at an early stage.

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