23rd International AES Conference
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Signal processing in audio recording and reproduction

As signal processing becomes increasingly crucial in audio, the aim of this conference is to focus on signal processing at both ends of the electrical audio signal life cycle, namely the recording and reproduction stages. Signal processing in the recording process depends much on the way the signal is going to be reproduced, and signal processing in the reproduction stage must take into account processing during recording. New techniques and standards in digital audio merely emphasise this point. For this reason it has become necessary to consider the recording and reproduction set-ups, environments, and pieces of equipment as a single entity when using signal processing. This conference will bring together researchers and developers in all areas of signal processing for audio, and will offer presentations by at least four invited speakers, as well as a large number of submitted papers.

A brochure containing information about the conference can be downloaded here (640 KB) in pdf format. Adobe Acrobat Reader software for viewing this file can be downloaded here if required.

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