23rd International AES Conference
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3-D Audio Communications Services for Future Mobile Networks
Active Compensation of Transducer Nonlinearities
Adaptive Bass Control - The ABC Room Adaptation System
Applications of DSP Compensation of Loudspeaker Distortion
Applications of DSP for Sound Reprodcution Improvement
Coloration in Natural and Artificial Room Impulse Responses
Fast Monaural Separation of Speech
Listening Room Compensation for Wave Field Synthesis. What Can be Done?
Metadata and the Audio Media Lifecycle
Modal Equalization by Temporal Shaping of Room Response
Overload in Signal Conversion
Semi-classical Approximation of Loudspeaker Positioning in Room
Signal Processing in Sound Reinforcement Engineering
Spatial Post-Processing of Audio Recordings
Spatial Sound Encoding Including Near Field Effect: Introducing distance coding filters and a viable, new Ambisonic format
State of the Art Digital Pulse Modulated Amplifier System
Statistical Analysis of an Automated In-Situ Frequency Response Optimisation Algorithm for Active Loudspeakers
The Loudspeaker-Room Interface - Controlling Excitation of Room Modes
Towards the All-Digital Audio/Acoustic Chain: Challenges and Solutions
Trends and Directions in Signal Processing Hardware for Audio Applications
Voice-Specific Signal Processing Tools
What Shall we do with the Centre Channel?

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