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The explosive growth of the Information Technologies (IT) industry has led to revolutionary changes in audio technology. The emergence of information appliances is occurring, for the most part, outside of the expert audio community. As a result, audio fidelity of information appliance products is getting worse, not better. Chair Bob Moses and his committee have developed the AES 18th International Conference to facilitate the convergence of professional audio and emerging information technologies.

Audio for Information Appliances-Challenges, Solutions, and Opportunities will provide attendees with a three-day window on potential audio components in the avalanche of new wireless, hand-held devices being offered to satisfy consumer demand for mobile, broadband music and information. Many of the conference presenters work at companies in nearby Silicon Valley, where a host of these products have been developed.

The world is exploding with new digital toys: cell phones, wristwatches, and ballpoint pens with built-in MP3 players. Such information appliances put severe restrictions on audio circuits. Do these devices pose a threat or do they offer opportunities to professional audio? Come to San Francisco and find out.

Forward-Looking Technical Program

Papers chair Ted Tanner has assembled an impressive lineup of invited papers on cutting-edge technologies. A total of 24 papers will be presented in five individual sessions-Opportunities; Audio Challenges; Software Challenges: Interfac-ing Solutions; and Case Studies.Two of the most exciting papers will be presented in the evening as keynotes. On Friday evening Willy Henshall will present "Rocket Network-The Global Production Network." Henshall, founder of Rocket Network, is a former member of the British pop/soul band Londonbeat and an accomplished musician with over 20 years of experience as an artist, songwriter, sound engineer, and record producer. His presentation will include a live audio postproduction film session with seamless networking between different audio applications. Products powered by Rocket Network allow audio professionals to collaborate on creative projects anywhere and anytime.

On Saturday evening attendees will hear Princeton University's Vincent Poor present "The Wireless Revolution: Signal Processing as the Great Enabler." Poor discusses the current drive to push system capacity, quality of service, and mobility beyond their preconceived limits, enabling new innovations such as multimedia compression, multiuser detection, space-time processing and coding, and turbo decoding.

On the final day of the conference a panel of experts will discuss the most critical questions related to audio and information appliances:

  • how to resolve the proliferation of standards and platforms
  • how important is sound quality
  • how will professional audio change
  • will future audio engineers know what dB means?

Conference Site

Located on San Francisco Bay, just two miles south of San Francisco Airport and 16 miles from downtown San Francisco, Embassy Suites provides a relaxed, tranquil setting for three days of technical give-and-take and social interaction. Before or after the conference take time to visit the sites in downtown San Francisco, the wineries of Napa Valley, or take a drive on the Pacific Coast Highway to the Monterey Peninsula.


Thursday evening attendees can sign up for a visit to the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford University where composers and researchers use computer-based technology both as an artistic medium and as a research tool.

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