AES 17th Conference
High Quality Audio Coding
1999, September 2nd-5th


Villa Castelletti
Signa (near Florence)

Authors´ Guide
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Authors´ Guide

The Authors´ Guide will contain all the necessary information for authors to send papers to the conference.

At the moment, the Guide includes:

Paper Submission Instructions:

  1. Write the final manuscript of your accepted paper using a MS Word, RTF or LaTeX template that you will find here. We strongly recommend using a template or, if you cannot use them, to follow the layout rules precisely.

  2. Send your manuscript using e-mail attachment. Please provide either a PostScript or PDF version or preferably both. The filenames should be of the form or paper_number.pdf.
    Also send the copyright notice to the AES17 conference secretariat. All final submissions must have been received not later than June 1st, 1999. This time schedule is a strict deadline.

Notice that Registration of at least one author is required in order for the paper to be included in the proceedings.

The manuscripts will follow a layout similar to the AES journal and other AES conferences. The number of pages is not strictly limited but if your manuscript will exceed 20 pages, you must obtain permission from the papers chair.

Please contact us if you have problems or questions regarding the templates.

Updated: 12.05.99