AES New York 2019
Student / Career Event SC01

Wednesday, October 16, 9:15 am — 10:15 am (1E07)

SC01 - Empowering the Next-Generation of Audio Industry Leaders

Jay LeBoeuf, Executive Director at Real Industry, Lecturer at Stanford University

This panel presentation describes the initiatives of educational nonprofit, Real Industry, and 6 universities to support career discovery and career preparation of a more diverse population. Our specific goal was to design a mentorship and internship program to increase the number of women and underrepresented students discovering and entering the intersection of arts and technology.
Students at 6 universities received a 1-year mentorship and experiential opportunities program. Students in undergraduate programs often do not develop the skills that they need to succeed in the private sector. Without having years of industry experience, students are often unaware of roles, day-to-day responsibilities, skill sets, and inner-workings of companies. Since they do not know how companies work, they do not know how they can fit in, or even what job titles to apply to. We outline our research, work, and steps the audience can take to provide students with 3 critical, measurable keys to career success:

1. Inspiration. With inspiration, Students become aware of the roles, career paths, jobs, or companies in our industry.
2. Access. With access, students have access to mentors and role models, to explore and prepare for careers.
3. Experience. With small project experience (“micro-internships”), students have real-world experience and are able to translate their in-school learnings to professional skills and knowledge.

Our plans are ambitious! Over the next 3 years, this program supports 5,000 students. We describe resources that university educators can use utilize, including Real Industry’s 400+ mentors, an engaged network of companies, and organizational expertise in bridging academia and industry through events and mentorship. Speakers to include the pilot faculty from 3-5 of our audio education partners!

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