AES New York 2019
Project Studio Expo Recording Stage Session Details

Wednesday, October 16, 11:00 am — 11:45 am (Recording Stage)


RS01 - Sweetwater Presents: Everything You Need to Know about Microphones

Lynn Fuston, Sweetwater - Fort Wayne, IN, USA

Lynn Fuston covers the topic of microphones from the very basics to advanced applications, including a live vocal demo of different mics from Shure and Sennheiser/Neumann.


Wednesday, October 16, 12:00 pm — 12:45 pm (Recording Stage)


RS02 - Make the Most of Your Vocals with Jack Joseph Puig

Jack Joseph Puig, Record Executive/Producer/Mixer - Hollywood, CA, USA

Multi Grammy Award winner Jack Joseph Puig, has had a successful and varied career, having worked with blues legend Eric Clapton and John Mayer; with roots rock revisionists like The Black Crowes, Sheryl Crow and The Counting Crows; with pop superstars like The Goo Goo Dolls, Robbie Williams, Lady Gaga, Florence and the Machine, and The Pussycat Dolls; country artists like Keith Urban, Faith Hill, and Sugarland, indie heroes Chris Isaak, Jellyfish, Dinosaur Jr, Guided By Voices, Beck, and as well as the Black Eyed Peas to Green Day, No Doubt, 311, U2, Weezer, Fiona Apple, Klaxons, Fergie, Mary J Blidge, Panic at the Disco and The Rolling Stones. In the process of building such a catalogue, Puig has won himself a Grammy Award and a strong reputation as a sound engineer.


Wednesday, October 16, 2:00 pm — 2:45 pm (Recording Stage)

RS03 - Waves Presents: JC Losada "Mr. Sonic"

JC Losada, Grammy and Latin Grammy Award winning Engineer & Producer

Juan Cristobal Losada is an accomplished songwriter, engineer, mixer, and producer, with a string of top-selling collaborations and credits including Shakira, Santana, Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, and Plácido Domingo. He has a Latin Grammy award for his work on the Best Traditional Tropical Album To Beny Moré With Love by Jon Secada, and a Grammy Award for Best Tropical Latin Album category for Luis Enrique's Ciclos.


Wednesday, October 16, 3:00 pm — 4:00 pm (Recording Stage)

RS04 - AMBEO: 3D Audio Technology by Sennheiser

Greg Simon, Sennheiser

Greg Simon from Sennheiser will discuss Ambeo technology, products and applications, including the work flow of Ambisonic recordings.


Wednesday, October 16, 4:00 pm — 4:45 pm (Recording Stage)

RS05 - SoundGirls Presents: What it Takes to Have a Successful Career in Audio

Leslie Gaston-Bird, Mix Messiah Productions - Brighton, UK; Audio Engineering Society - London, UK
Karrie Keyes, Executive Director
Piper Payne, Piper Payne, Mastering Engineer, Infrasonic Sound - San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Michelle Sabolchick Pettinato, Sound Engineer- Elvis Costello - Scranton, PA USA;
Jessica Thompson, Jessica Thompson Audio - Berkeley, CA, USA
April Tucker
Catherine Vericolli, Fivethirteen Recording - Tempe, AZ, USA; Useful Industries - Nashville, TN, USA


Wednesday, October 16, 5:00 pm — 5:45 pm (Recording Stage)

RS06 - Kimbra - Technology Facilitates Creativity

Chris Tabron

Acclaimed singer/songwriter Kimbra talks with producer Chris Tabron about the creative process in recording.


Thursday, October 17, 11:00 am — 11:45 am (Recording Stage)

RS07 - SonicScoop Podcast LIVE: Monitors, Acoustics, and Correction: The Three Keys to Upgrading Your Control Room

Justin Colletti

Good monitoring is arguably the most important asset in any professional studio, and bad monitoring is a liability that is a major challenge to overcome. Whatever budget and room size you have to work with, getting the most out of your listening environment hinges on three things: 1. Selecting the right speakers for your room and your needs, 2. Having a smart and cost-effective plan for acoustic treatment and 3. Using room and speaker correction to keep coloration to an absolute minimum. In this live recording of the SonicScoop Podcast, Justin Colletti invites three special guests to talk about these three most essential elements in upgrading your studio's monitoring situation so that you can finally trust what you hear and make great-sounding work with a minimum of guesswork.


Thursday, October 17, 1:00 pm — 1:45 pm (Recording Stage)

RS08 - API Presents The Case for Analog

Joe Chiccarelli, Producer, mixer, engineer - Boston, MA, USA
Daniel Schlett, Strange Weather Studio - Brooklyn, NY, USA
Dave Trumfio, Gold-Diggers Sound - Los Angeles, CA, USA

Join API for a spirited panel discussion featuring Grammy Award-winning Engineer/Producers Daniel Schlett (Strange Weather studio, Brooklyn, NY), Joe Chiccarelli, and Dave Trumfio (Gold-Diggers Sound, Los Angeles, CA)


Thursday, October 17, 2:00 pm — 2:45 pm (Recording Stage)

RS09 - Genelec Presents: Navigating the Circles of Confusion. Monitoring in the Digital Age

Will Eggleston, Technical Marketing USA Genelec
Aki Mäkivirta, Genelec Oy - Iisalmi, Finland

Join Genelec R&D Director, Aki Makivirta and Will Eggleston, Technical Marketing USA as they discuss the obstacles facing modern production and monitoring environments, from stereo to immersive.


Thursday, October 17, 3:00 pm — 3:45 pm (Recording Stage)

RS10 - The Technology behind Grammy-Winning Records - Michael Brauer and Igor Levin on the Art and Science of Pro Audio

Michael Brauer, Michael Brauer - New York, NY, USA
Igor Levin, Antelope Audio - New York, NY, USA

Two industry greats, Grammy Award-winning producer Michael Brauer and Antelope Audio founder Igor Levin, take the stage to share the secrets of their mutual success. Michael will expose his unique approach to the art of making hit records, revealing the role of legendary Antelope Audio equipment like the Atomic Reference Clock in his achievements. Igor will reflect on innovation and ingenuity as the driving forces behind his challenging products which showcase original developments like 6-transistor preamps, custom controllers, DSP + FPGA FX hardware and Acoustically Focused Clocking. In a dialog where art and science intertwine, expect to earn formidable insight and know-how from two consummate professionals whose work inevitably moves the music industry forward.


Thursday, October 17, 4:00 pm — 4:45 pm (Recording Stage)


RS11 - When Loud Is Not Loud: What You need to Know About Loudness Measurement today

Alex Kosiorek, Central Sound at Arizona PBS - Phoenix, AZ, USA; Arizona State University - Phoenix, AZ, USA

With streaming dominating the music listening landscape, it is time to revisit both what loudness actually is and how to manage it. Companies such as Apple, YouTube, Spotify and others each have their own measurement standards and loudness targets. Whether it is music or spoken word (such as podcasts), care is needed to preserve the artistic intent of the content’s creators. It is critical that producers, recording, mixing and mastering engineers understand what truly is at stake, and how to read, measure and manage the loudness of audio files. Join representatives from four highly regarded audio tech companies who will inform and enlighten about the proper use of today’s loudness meters and measurement tools.


Thursday, October 17, 5:00 pm — 5:45 pm (Recording Stage)

RS12 - Beyond Basics in Vocal Recording & Production: Engineering with Focus on the Creative Process

Neal Cappellino, Multiple Grammy-winning Engineer
Mike Picotte, Producer Engineer Sweetwater Sound - Fort Wayne, IN, USA
Jonathan Pines, Rupert Neve Designs - Wimberley, TX, USA; sE Electronics

Master the basics in order to facilitate the Creative Process that’s happening on the other side of the glass. Grammy award winning engineer Neal Cappellino and Producer-Engineers Mike Picotte and Jonathan Pines will detail five aspects of vocal recording & production they see as foundational skills Engineers must be fluid with in order to be effective creative collaborators.

iTeam = Interpersonal, Technical, Environmental, Administrative, and Musical; skills that combine to foster a supportive and successful collaboration.

Sponsored by: Sweetwater Sound, sE Electronics, and Rupert Neve Designs


Friday, October 18, 11:00 am — 11:45 am (Recording Stage)


RS13 - Studio DMI Presents Luca Pretolesi Super Session

Luca Pretolesi, Studio DMI - Las Vegas, NV, USA

Immerse yourself in this interactive presentation designed to give attendees a beyond-the-box look at some of Pretolesi’s most impactful mixing and mastering tips. From session recalls, live Q&A, and real-time track reviews Pretolesi will present the same cutting-edge production techniques and hit-making insights that have helped to amplify the biggest artists in the world including; David Guetta, Jason Derulo, J Balvin, Diplo, Lil Jon, DJ Snake, Major Lazer, Steve Aoki, Above & Beyond, Nicki Minaj, Daddy Yankee, and Prince Royce.


Friday, October 18, 12:00 pm — 12:45 pm (Recording Stage)


RS14 - Focusrite Presents: Podcasting: The Fastest Growing Medium in Audio

Dan Hughley, Focusrite - Los Angeles, CA, USA

Join Dan Hughley of Focusrite for this brand-neutral presentation aimed at answering questions that are frequently asked by new podcasters. After learning what a podcast is and the history of the medium, you will learn what you need to get started, the importance of high quality audio to your audience, how to keep your show going when fatigue sets in, and finish up with some quick tips on how to cost effectively promote your show to gain listeners and subscribers. This promises to be a fun and educational session that you surely should not miss.


Friday, October 18, 1:00 pm — 1:45 pm (Recording Stage)

RS15 - Sylvia Massy—The Secret Ingredients

But what are the secret ingredients for a good session? Is it a certain piece of gear, a certain song, a certain location? Maybe it's all those things, and so much more! In this lecture, Sylvia Massy shares stories about some of her favorite recording adventures, She also reveals her secrets for making each session memorable.

Sponsored by iZotope


Friday, October 18, 2:00 pm — 2:45 pm (Recording Stage)

RS16 - Produce Like a Pro with Warren Huart

Warren Huart, Produce Like a Pro


Friday, October 18, 3:00 pm — 3:45 pm (Recording Stage)

RS17 - Listening with Amazon Music HD: High Quality Streaming for the Masses

John Farrey, Amazon Music - Seattle, WA, USA
Jack Rutledge

Streaming music in high definition gives listeners the ability to hear songs the way artists originally recorded them, with all of the emotion, detail, and instrumentation of the original recordings. With the recent launch of Amazon Music HD, music fans no longer need to sacrifice the sound quality that is often compressed for the convenience of streaming music. John Farrey and Jack Rutledge will use this opportunity to talk about the ideation and reception of Amazon Music HD: Amazon Music’s new lossless streaming offering, bringing customers the highest quality streaming audio available for the mass market.


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