AES New York 2019 Presenter or Author

Igor Levin

Igor Levin

Primary Affiliation: Antelope Audio - New York, NY, USA

Igor is founder of Antelope Audio and the creator of the legendary AardSync Master Clock. Keen on solving engineering problems already as a kid, Igor graduated from the University of Michigan Engineering School, which formed the start of his pro audio engineering career. After graduating, Igor founded Aardvark with the sole mission to create technologically advanced audio interfaces.
With passion for building superior sound, Igor created the first ever clocking technology utilizing atomic clocks. As the brainchild of Igor, Antelope Audio initially focused on clocking technology, and it wasn’t until 2011 when it introduced its first own audio interface. Always innovative, original and continuously expanding its product portfolio, the company has continued to expand in various niches in the audio industry ever since, revolutionizing each of them with advanced technology. Artists like Coldplay, Korn, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake and many more relay on Antelope Audio’s technologies.

Session List

Oct 17: RS10: The Technology behind Grammy-Winning Records - Michael Brauer and Igor Levin on the Art and Science of Pro Audio (Presenter)

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