AES New York 2019 Presenter or Author

Michael Pearson-Adams

Michael Pearson-Adams

Primary Affiliation: Waves - Knoxville, TN, USA

Michael Pearson-Adams, Waves International Director of Education and Training has been working with Waves for over 13 years, as well as being a working mix and recording engineer and dance music artist since he was 17.
He has worked with the likes of Creed, Shakira, Kylie Minogue, INXS, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, Sean Paul, and more in the studio, and had over 20 of his own releases in Asia and Australia under another name in the 90s.

Michael will take you through some of the fast and easy to use tools that Waves Audio brings to the table when working with dance music, and how to make a track pop in speakers or headphones in a very short space of time.

Session List

Oct 16: EDJ02: Waves Product Workshop (Presenter)

Oct 17: EDJ03: Waves Product Workshop (Presenter)

Oct 18: EDJ06: Waves Product Workshop (Presenter)

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