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Michael Brauer

Michael Brauer

Primary Affiliation: Michael Brauer - New York, NY, USA

Michael’s career began as an intern at MediaSound Studios in New York City in 1976. He became a staff engineer in 1978.
His first big break came when he was asked to record and mix Luther Vandross. He became Luther’s engineer and recorded all his music and productions for the next four years including Aretha Franklin and Dionne Warwick.
In 1985 Michael left Mediasound and worked often in England producing/engineering and mixing British acts until 1990 when he returned to the New York scene.
Michael developed Multi buss compression mixing in 1986 and first shared his technique in 2003 by doing an interview for Tape-op Magazine and again in 2018.
He’s a 7 time Grammy winner having mixed three Coldplay records Parachutes,X&Y,and Viva la Vida. John Mayer’s Continuum and Battle Studies.
His most recent project is mixing the Zac Band and the Latin Grammy nominated song of the year, Quédate.

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Session List

Oct 17: MM10: Michael Brauer (Presenter)

Oct 17: RS10: The Technology behind Grammy-Winning Records - Michael Brauer and Igor Levin on the Art and Science of Pro Audio (Presenter)

Oct 18: MM22: Michael Brauer (Presenter)

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