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Nate Thomas

Nate Thomas

Primary Affiliation: University of Lethbridge - Lethbridge, AB, Canada

My name is Nate Thomas, and I am currently a student at the University of Lethbridge studying Digital Audio Arts. As a 5th Year student, my main focuses are studio recording, live sound production, and composition.

My sound journey began when I started playing guitar at 15. I began writing my own songs, made a rock band, and eventually, got up on stage. I was always fascinated by the sound engineers setting up and what they were doing throughout a show. My fascination grew even more so when I began watching “Making Of” documentaries for different bands and albums, on top of my guitar teacher owning a recording studio. With the world of sound opening to me, I began to experiment and learn the art of sound engineering on my own before applying to the University of Lethbridge to further develop my craft.

I have been a part of the AES for 3 years, and for two of the years, have held the position of Volunteer Coordinator for the AES Lethbridge Student Chapter. The AES has given me many opportunities, such as being the head sound engineer for the Lethbridge Student Chapter’s AES Fest, where I ran sound for an opener and the headlining act, as well as allow me to help coordinate different events like the Fest.

I teamed up with Ryland Chambers-Moranz and my professor, Amandine Pras, to look into the analog and digital preferences and practises of studio engineers and producers, based on studies both Ryland and I conducted at the University of Lethbridge. This study became my first academic paper published.

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Oct 19: P15: Audio Education
The Generation Gap—Perception and Workflow of Analog vs. Digital Mixing (Author)

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