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Scott Hawley

Scott Hawley

Primary Affiliation: Belmont University - Nashville, TN, USA

Dr. Scott Hawley came to Belmont University in 2006 after working in astrophysics research, in order to focus on teaching physics to audio engineers.

Since then he has developed software tools for acoustics and electronics education and measurement, such as "Polar Pattern Plotter" on the iOS App Store.

Hawley designed Belmont's"Physics for Audio Engineering" and "Electronics & Circuit Theory" classes, teaching multiple sections each semester since 2006. Both classes are part of a 3-course physics sequence required as part of Belmont's ABET-accredited major in Audio Engineering Technology.

Ph.D. in Physics (numerical relativity) from University of Texas at Austin, 2000.

Is also a performing singer-songwriter with studio recording and live sound experience. His first full length studio album, "How You Ache," is being released in Fall 2017.

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Session List

Oct 16: P02: Audio Signal Processing (Chair)
Profiling Audio Compressors with Deep Neural Networks (Author)

Oct 19: EB8: Applications in Audio
Vibrary: A Consumer-Trainable Music Tagging Utility (Author)

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